Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Attempted carjack at Ruby Tuesday's on Viking Drive

A suspect is in custody after he attempted to carjack a corvette after a robbery at Ruby Tuesday's on Viking Drive in North Bossier at about 9:30 tonight.
He was maced by a female and ran from the scene.
BCPD officers found the suspect hiding behind Hoogland's nursery.

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  1. Nice...just ate there Friday night

  2. Thank goodness there were Bossier City Police officers available. What will happen after the mayor and the city council get their wishe to lay off another 20 more officers by the end of this year.
    I know that the plan is to boost the department's numbers with reserve officers, but reserve officers will not be available all the time.
    Unlike the military reserves, where the individual member is subject to call up regardless of civilian job obligations, it a reserve officer's choice to respond to being called in or not respond. He is under no obligation.
    So, if the retired colonel occupying the mayor's office has in mind that he can use police reserves like the military uses reserves, he's delusional.


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