Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bossier Tax Renewal Election May 1 - vote YES

The special election to RENEW the current property tax for fire and police maintenance & operating costs will be held on May 1st, not May 18th as was first reported in the Times.
The police and fire department have already suffered severe cuts, and simply can't afford any more.
Speaking of The Times, I was just reading some of the birdbrained comments that were left on the article about the renewal. My suspicion is that they were posted by discontented people who probably don't even live in Bossier City.
Of course I'll allow any and all comments on My Bossier, always have and always will.
But you can save the drama for your mama, no one's going to buy it here. This tax is important and must be renewed.
I have full faith that the people of Bossier City will do whatever is necessary to support their police and fire departments.
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  1. Wait. So we're to vote to continue the current tax rate, as opposed to a lower tax rate, so we can fund something which should be the primary function of government, but had to recently make cuts because our elected officials don't know how to keep from overspending? I'm not convinced.

    Also, I don't pay taxes to the end of benefiting the police and fire, I pay taxes to the end that I will be protected by police and fire.

  2. Good point, the elected officials have a poor record. But the police and fire departments need to be maintained at the current (already) cut levels. If you cut off part of the current funding, that protection will be a lot thinner.

  3. Matt,

    I agree with you that maintaining police and fire are a primary function of city government, but apparently the mayor has other priorities. This tax will literally cost you $5 maybe $10 bucks per month (which you are already paying) and will ensure that the current manning level is maintained. If we can keep the current manning level of the Fire Dept then your current home owner's rate will stay a bit lower than it will be if the city loses it's fire you might just break even. I personnally think that just about every single city councilman and the mayor ought to be recalled for their irresponsibility, however the damage is done. If the mayor has his way the people who can least affort it will suffer the most, the people of Bossier first and then these young guys with young families living on insulting incomes who go out to protect you everyday. If each of the men and women who've been with the city for 30+ years would retire, they'd save a few jobs as well, and that would require a great deal of integrity. I hope that they possess it. There is nothing to gain by their staying and the city can't make them retire. So now our hope lies with the renewal of this tax. If it fails we'll lose upwards of 20 more police and probably a similar number from fire. Please vote "yes".

  4. Matt,

    For as long as Bossier City has been in existance the Police and Fire Departements have protected you. We have the lowest per capita crime rate in the state and one of the lowest in the country. They do this for less than what other cities our size typically pay too. They have created a safe city by protecting us. Now it's our turn to protect them so they can continue to make Bossier City the great city it is, despite the failings of our government. Please vote "yes" on May 1st.

  5. The time has come for us to unite and keep our city safe. We need to think of how many people are going to suffer if this tax is not passed on May 1. I am like some of the others when it comes to politicians. They never get the burden put on them with paycuts, lay-offs and wondering how their bills may be met each month. Maybe they should take the paycuts, since they make the big bucks and never see the crimes and fires first hand. The city needs the protection and to keep our city one of the best around. Bossier City has a good success rate on crime and firemen protecting our property. VOTE yes for this tax. This tax is worth it for all.


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