Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Brown: A Reality Check

I am pleased, as a lot of people are, with Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts. My reason, however, probably differs greatly from some of them
I am happy because he rained on the parade up there. He peed in the punch. This wasn’t supposed to happen.
I am always happy to see entrenched power (from either party) turned topsy-turvy.
The pendulum always swings. People do not like to see any party in Washington with a lock on the government. They didn’t like it with George Bush and the Republicans, and a lot of people don’t like it with Barack Obama and the Democrats.
That being said, I suppose if you are a die-hard Republican and just want the see the number of R’s increase, you have reason to celebrate.
If, on the other hand, you are a conservative this selection shouldn’t thrill you that much. Of course, he is better than his opponent. Martha Coakley thought that she was entitled to the seat simply because she is a Democrat, and it has been a Democratic seat since John F. Kennedy unseated Henry Cabot Lodge back in the 50’s.
Scott Brown is not a conservative, not by a long shot. His opposition (in his own words) to national healthcare reform is based on the fact that it will supersede Massachusetts’ own brand of government healthcare, which he voted for.
Christian conservatives probably won’t be too pleased with his pro-abortion stance, but they will probably forgive his nude photos in Cosmopolitan when he was a college student. I know I do, I believe in transparency.
His favorable views on gun control aren’t likely to play well in some quarters either. Also the fact that he believes that government should find solutions for peoples’ problems.
Nope, not a conservative.
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  1. I liked his nude photos too and disliked her laziness in just assuming the seat was hers.

  2. Besides, nekkid pictures should not keep you out of politics, unless you are Trent Lott or Strom Thurmond; nobody wants to see those, lol.

  3. I heard him in an interview with Hannity. He was against Obomacare with the experience in his State, wanted lower taxes and a strengthened military. Nobody is 100%, but this is about as good as you will get from Mass. As with you, I am really more excited about the message its sends, see all the Dem finger pointing as they head for the exits.

  4. An authentic conservative doesn't ask whether some proposed government program with is not authorized by the Constitution will work efficiently. The authentic conservative asks whether the government is authorized to undertake said program. The authentic conservative opposes centralization and the thievery of socialism.

  5. Jim, ran into this article on the subject.

  6. Good article. It will be a balancing act for Brown, caught between his voters and the national Republican parties. It will be interesting to see how he lands.


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