Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eleven people apply to be next Bossier Police Chief

Eleven people have applied to be Bossier City’s next police chief to replace retiring Chief Mike Halphen. Chief Halphen has served in the position since 2002.
The applicants will have to take a civil service exam on March 18th, and then Mayor Lo Walker will appoint the new chief.

The applicants are:
Assistant Administrative Chief Kenneth Hamm
Sgt. Patrick McWilliams
Lt. Larry Stockton
Deputy Chief William Grumble
Lt. James Stewart
Captain Kenny Viola
Sgt. Gary Aguirre
Captain Perry Montgomery
Sgt. Larry Hawkins
T.D. Teutsch (retired from BCPD)
Mark Alan Kraus (Lake Charles Police Department)
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  1. Chief Hamm seems to have the inside track for the job. I'd be surprised if someone else got the appointment.

  2. The mayor is going to choose the man that he thinks he can most easily control. Don't forget, he was really ticked off that the police and firemen fought for their jobs and called him and the city council out for their ineptitude and irresponsibility. He is going to take this opportunity to seize as much control over the police department as possible. He is neither concerned with the city's safety nor the well-being of the police department. He'll choose the man who he thinks is most-likely to be a "yes-man"...not the one best for the job.

  3. Lets look at this and be honest.

    Kenny Hamm- No just like Mike Halphen, no change for the better maybe even worse.

    Larry Hawkins- No ask around

    William Grumble- No won't stand up for his men and women

    Patrick McWilliams- Could do the job, good choice

    Larry Stockton- Could do the job, good choice but no chance due to politics

    James Stewart- Good choice, could do the job but has made the city mad in the past for various votes on the civil service board

    Kenny Viola- no chance

    Gary Aguirre- well liked but seen as not enough time on the street

    Perry Montgomery- Lol

    Dale Teutsch- could do the job, took the blame for a lot of Halphen's doings

    In reality Hamm will get the job, and things will be the same as when Halphen was there, maybe worse.

    There are only two real choices that actually care about the men and women of that department and you can guess who I think that is

  4. Does anyone realize that Hamm has ties to Gus Mijalis through his sister? She's married to a Cosse.

  5. It's been 2 years, how is the chief working out? Was the right choice made?



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