Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tax Renewal Election approved by Bossier City Council

The Bossier City Council yesterday approved a special election to renew the 6 mill tax that pays for the operation & maintenance of the fire and police departments.
This is not a new tax, councilmen stressed, but renewal of an existing tax.
Councilman David Jones said "This tax is critical to keeping the new level, post cuts, so let's get our friends and neighbors out to vote on this."
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  1. Thank you for posting this information Jim. It is very important that people understand this is not a new tax and that if it is not passed the only city departments to suffer will be the police and fire departments.
    Heather Carter

  2. Jim thanks for posting this and please help keep this fresh on everyone's minds. It is so important that the citizens of Bossier City understand what this tax renewal will mean. If it is not passed more police and firemen may be laid off this year. Our city is steadily growing and a few extra pennies a month to help keep us safe and sound is so little to ask. I, for one, will do whatever I can to get this passed.

  3. Heather & Carrie, I will do that.

  4. I will vote for that and a new tax if one is ever proposed. Everyone should want to retain and hire new officers. The more we saturate the streets with police the less room there is for criminals!

  5. Every law abiding person who lives in Bossier City should be willing to vote for a reasonable tax increase to retain our police and firemen. Maybe Lo should think about that rather than looking for any excuse to fire them.


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