Monday, January 25, 2010

Bossier City CAO to serve as Interim Police Chief

Bossier City Chief Administrative Officer Lynn Austin will serve as Interim Police Chief when Mike Halphen steps down on February 19th.
Austin served as police chief for four years from 1988 to 1992.
He has been CAO since Lo Walker was voted into office four years ago.


  1. Nothing against Mr. Austin, but that's a pretty blatant politicizing of the police department.

  2. That's just not right, just another slap in the face to the Bossier City Police Department by the Mayor.

  3. ....Told ya! The mayor put his "yes-man" in...and now Mr Austin will not only do all of the mayor's bidding to the detrement of the BCPD, but pick out the next "yes-man" to be the new chief. For the life of me, I cannot understand what has made the Mayor go on this particular witch-hunt...I certainly hope the voters will remember this in 3 years. Chief Halphen couldn't you just stick around for a couple more years until we can get rid of Bozo the mayor? Please?

  4. yes man? really? and you know this how? Lynn is a good guy...a fair man...and I highly doubt that he will do the mayor's bidding to the BCPD. It's not his fault the mayor is a bozo...the mayor is an elected official, remember?

  5. I have literally known Mr. Austin since i was a small Boy. I know him to be very Intellegent, honorable, dependable, loyal,and a great public servant for Bossier City. I am proud to count him as a friend. He will serve wellas our City Marshal as he did as Police Chief and as CAO. To speak Ill of this fine man tells me you do not know him at all.


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