Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Sentell Tapes

If you have trouble hearing some of the audio, this is not an official transcript, just what I heard. If I made any mistakes, feel free to correct me. Warning, some of the language is rather graphic.

Tape #1 - At the Horseshoe before transit to jail

Sentell: Hey! Hey buddy! Hey, it’s too tight. Can you loosen them a little bit, they are too tight. Man, they’re cutting off my fucking arms. Try them again, please try, they’re too tight.
Come on dude, I’m Schuyler Marvin’s chief assistant. C’mon buddy, let me talk to you buddy, what the fuck is wrong with you? They’re tight. Come on man, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Please buddy, Jesus. What the fuck is wrong with you? Hey, what’s wrong with you man? Call Schuyler. What the fuck’s wrong with you? Hey, come on, hey, come on.
Hey, can you call Schuyler? Look, c’mon, what the fuck Dude? What the fuck is wrong with you? Call Schuyler Marvin, he’s my boss. Look, I run the Webster Parish DA’s office, what the fuck is wrong with you man?
Call him. Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you? Dude, hey, hey look. I’m not a criminal, what the fuck is wrong with you? Man this is all about justice. Justice, we want justice for all.
Dude, hey, I know you can hear me – call him. Could I give you the number? Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you man?
Why are you locking me up in the fucking car? Dude. Hey man, man what the fuck is wrong with you? C’mon man, it’s about justice, it ain’t about fucking convictions, it’s about justice. I know you fucking hear me.
Let me talk to you, can I tell you his number?
Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you? Man. Dude.
Hey. Hey, will you call Schuyler? What the fuck is wrong with you guys?
I mean dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Hey dude!
Call Schuyler, I’ll tell you his number. What the fuck is wrong with you?
I’m chief assistant DA. I got, hey look come here! I’ve got a badge.
What the fuck is wrong with you man?
You talk to Steve . . . . man!
You talk to Rogers. What the fuck is wrong with you man?
Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?
Talk to me man. I got Steve Rogers number man, call me. Talk to me.
What the fuck is wrong man? Let them know what’s wrong.
You want to talk to Cedric? You want to talk to Cedric Glover? What the fuck, man?
Hey dude! Officer!
What the fuck is wrong with you? Talk to me.
I’m not drunk. Talk to me.

Tape #2 - In transit to the police station

Sentell: Dude, man, what the fuck man, call Schuyler. What the fuck is wrong with you?
Man, what’s wrong with you, seriously? Why won’t you let me call, I mean, Jesus Christ. What’s the problem guys? (Can’t understand), I mean what the fuck is wrong?
Seriously guys, what the fuck is wrong? I mean, like, why are you like hauling me away?
I’m not drunk at all, I’m not. What the fuck, I mean, I’m absolutely . . . .
Police Officer: this doesn’t have anything to do with being drunk, this has to do with you getting arrested for domestic abuse battery.
Sentell: What are you talking about? Domestic abuse battery, what are you talking about?
Police Officer: A police officer and other witnesses saw you grab your wife and push her up against a wall. I wasn’t there, I’m telling you that’s what happened.
Sentell: Did you ask her?
Police Officer: I haven’t talked to her about that.
Sentell: Call Steve I mean . . .
I mean, guys, seriously, I mean call Schuyler, I mean Steve, I mean this is crazy. Call Hugo Holland, I mean this is ridiculous.
I mean I’m the guy that puts all the rapists and robbery away in Webster Parish.
Police Officer: Well, that don’t give you the right . .
Sentell: No, I would never, absolutely never abuse my wife. Absolutely not, I agree, if I did you should absolutely arrest me. But this is ridiculous – I mean, I mean, what are y’all fucking doing? You’re crazy.
You’re trying to like, you know, like submit yourself to a lawsuit? I mean what the fuck are you thinking?
Police Officer: You’d better watch your mouth.
Sentell: No, no I mean Ron Miciotto and I we gonna be, we gonna be all over this. Don’t worry about it, Ron Miciotto and I, we’re close, and I mean, you guys, you’re crazy. What the fuck are you thinking? Man, it’s crazy, what were you thinking arresting me?
I mean, seriously, what the fuck were you thinking?
I mean, I appreciate you guys, you guys you know nobody ever understands the hardships y’all go through, but Good God. I mean, what are you thinking? Sometimes I wonder, now I really wonder. Man, it’s stuff like this that makes me wonder what the fuck, I mean seriously, what the fuck are you thinking? I mean do we like pull over, and y’all arrest me? I mean why, I mean what the fuck are you thinking? This doesn’t make any sense at all. I mean I want to give everybody a fucking chance, if they make a mistake you know, everybody’s human but you guys, what the fuck are you thinking?
Sad, sad. I mean, whatever you want to do. Call Schuyler, call Steve Rogers. Call them, seriously, call them. What the fuck, call them. You’ve got somebody in the back seat who’s in handcuffs and he doesn’t know why he’s in fucking handcuffs. Call them. Call them, guys, call them.


  1. Don't you know the "Dude" has been in the military for 20 years or so...I've seen a few military types who like to have a beer...that isn't a crime. She said she was the designated driver. Also isn't a crime for the "Dude" to cuss police officers...especially if they had his handcuffs on that tight. He did not "abuse" his wife on the video from what I saw...people walking by aren't even looking at them. I don't know why the media loves this story so much. The Chief of Police, DA, and US Attorney have all reviewed the evidence and all have said no crimes were committed. I say we burn him though...let's distort this thing!

  2. He wasn't charged for drinking. He wasn't charged for cussing the police.
    No one said those two things were a crime. Seems to me that you're the one that is distorting.

  3. seems to me that the only reason this is on here is to smear sentell - seems to me the only one not getting slammed is the lying cop who actually did lie to internal affairs and got fired - now he is the poor victim - what a freaking joke -

  4. How do you smear Sentell with his own words?

  5. This guy was drunk out his mind, give me a break. Maybe you slap your wife on the ass and push her around in public and think that is okay, most people don't.

  6. The JOKE is that this clown was the "Chief Assistant DA" for Webster Parish. In other words he is one of the chief prosecuters and adminsitrators of the law in Minden and this drunken idiot can't even be respectful towards the very police that he works so closely with and depends on on a daily basis. No its not a crime to consume alcohol in the privacy of your home, but done so in excess, as clearly his behavior indicates...sentell was not charged for this. The other video with his wife is clear, but ofcourse his wife is most likely in fear of her husband and afraid to push forward with charges.The AG says she is not wanting to move forward with charges---imagine that.

    If you notice, actually you can hear in the background in the beginning of the video that an officer that apparently had his mic on his belt "on" and stated something to the effect that he had been out there 1 1/2 to 2 yrs earlier for a similar situation (im assuming with sherb sentell)

    I find it hard to believe that Halphen would tell the public there were no such threats made to the officer when clearly mr sentell is blurting out to call mr marvin on numerous occasions as well as indicating that there would be a lawsuit and that he and miciotta would be on this. I would CERTAINLY think its REASONABLE to take that information as a THREAT to your employment, whether or not by law its considered a threat or not.

    All in all a huge coverup. Im very disappointed in the Attorney General, Marvin, and Halphen. im glad halphen is leaving and i hope marvin follows

    If this is an example of the da's we have working for bossier and webster parish, considering sentell was the "chief" da in webster, Im ASHAMED.

  7. Anon-did you watch the videos from the Police car? From the Casino? the guy is an ASS.Certainly wasn't acting like a 20 year veteran. Would he be allowed to act in this manner if he were active duty? If this had been anyone else they would be prosecuted and the charges would not be "dropped". You would think someone that had watched these types of videos would know to SHUT the hell up. I believe he was the one saying "DUDE" as he proudly told the officers "who he was-the ADA".He is a perfect example of why the public distrusts political appointed and elected officials.

  8. This is a reflection of the justice system in Bossier and Webster Parrish. Marvin won't get re-elected and I hope the AG dosen't either. This cover up goes all the way to the top!

  9. Y'all say it is not a crime to cuss the police the way Sentell did, but it was in my day a crime to use vulgar, profane, and abusive language against ANYBODY, including the police. When I was growing up, my father slapped my face if I said "what the hell?", and I feel as though I need some way to wash all these "f-bombs" out of my consciousness after hearing the tape of this illustrious citizen.

  10. bottom line - sentell never threatened to have any officer fired, disciplined, etc.


    Officers said in written report he did.


    guess what. when you lie in your report to trump up charges against someone and get caught, you oughtta be fired.

    i don't want lying officers on the force and after seeing video i don't want sentell as my preacher.

    this is mickey mouse stuff. we have a 6 million hole in the budget and we're worried about this crap. move on people.

  11. "we have a 6 million hole in the budget and we're worried about this crap. move on people."

    Not a bad point.

  12. Ok, I didn't need all that language. I got to go read my Bible now. I should have stopped after the first couple of lines, but felt I needed to continue reading to understand what was going on. Thanks Jim for corrupting my mind. :)

  13. ok i have seen the tape. bottom line is there is no threat. I have not seen the report these officers made, but i am assuming they said he did threaten them. if thatis what they put in their report, they should be fired

  14. Schuler Marvin and the rest of the DA's office is pond scum.

  15. I agree with Jim and Anon. One or two lying officers and a prosecutor who cusses and grabs his wife's arm at a casino in public just isn't that important. I did like hearing the tapes though because you can clearly hear the officer trying to confuse Mrs. Sentell and get her to say things and she repeatedly is telling him "NO". That officer should have been fired. He lied about Mrs. Sentell saying her husband had abused her. However, none of this affects the day to day lives of citizens in Bossier like a $6 million dollar mistake in budgeting.

  16. Wow, Anon, did I say all of that?

  17. The next time someone sees Schuyler Marvin could they please tell him to dust off his dandruff before coming into the courthouse. My stomach can't take it any more.

  18. Or at least wear light suits so his dandruff doesn't show. And while we're on fashion, can Parker Self cut his hair? The long wavy, unkept look left with the 70's.
    And can Guy Lillian lose the hat, Charles Smith retire the tennis shoes, Charles Jacobs wear a coat...we won't even go to Joey Hendrix, Canatella and God rest his soul, the all-time winner, Jimmy Phillips!!!!

  19. Everyone listed above report here:

  20. obviously sentell was anticipating marvin would rescue him and bail him out of the situation. if the public has video of all this, and right in front of our face they deny any wrong-doing (sentell, marvin, halphen, and the AG) how in the hell can we put any trust in any of these individuals???

    of course the AG couldn't move forward with charges because the chief witness (sentell's wife) wont testify against him. so the AG on some level didn't have a choice.

    its no wonder louisiana has a reputation for curruption

  21. What's up with the 26th JDC fashion police? Lol....have you seen what some of the lawyers wear that show up?! The females are some of the worst.

  22. At least Judge Parker has hair and it is on his head, not his face.

  23. I heard Schuyler Marvin and the chief made a deal on this thing. If you remember, the officer shooting involving an unarmed man happened to be at the same time. In essence they agreed to pat each others back, protect one another.

  24. Dude, I mean, I'm too important to be arrested! Think about what you're doing... I'm above being arrested... Call my "important" benefactors!

  25. Cedric Glover, really? Wonder what would have happened if they had called Cedric? "What, who????"

  26. This guy is obviously a nut case. He needs to be behind bars!!

  27. The police officers transporting Sentell had no reason to lie! The comment was made after the video tape was turnd off and Sentell was STILL IN THE CAR just like the officer said. There were three people there, a drunk DA and two officers doing their job. Why would the AG take the word of a drunk lawyer over two officers with NOTHING to gain?? The AG office never interviewed the officers in question, so how is this a "thorough" investigation? Not to mention,the AG office cleared Sentell 5 days prior to the civil service appeal, how convenient!! Sentell threatened lawsuits and logic points to the the threat of jobs being lost! Sentell got a free ride just as his wife said he would. The threats of lawsuits alone is a threat with the intent to prevent the officers from carrying out their duty, just as the public intimidation statute says. He is guilty of public intimidation and domestic abuse battery but skated on all charges! Justice IS NOT BLIND! The constitution says it is, but if you are influential enough, you can get away with anything. IF this was Joe Blow citizen, there would have been a prosecution, no doubt about it. 20 yesrs in the military has nothing to do with what Sentell did that night! He was highly intoxicated, threatening and using his position to get out of a charge and it worked. The entire public should be up in arms over this. Not only should BOTH officers be reinstated, Bossier City should be sued civilly and the officers should be rewarded with a HUGE amount of money for standing up to the threats of Sentell and the corruption of the Bossier City administration! My hat is off to the officers for treating Sentell just like they would treat anyone else off the street that committed a crime! It took a lot of character to do what they did and they should be rewarded for it! Sentell should be dis-barred from practicing law! He showed no respect for the police officers or for his wife that he slammed against the wall! She is scared of him, that is why she did not wish to pursue charges. This is corruption at it's best!

  28. who cares anymore? lets fix the budget hole and not worry about these 3 idiots - one caught drunk, and 2 caught lying. they all ought to walk the plank.

  29. Off. Vernon's lawyer, please sign your name from now on. the anon post at 9:25 is obviously yours - chocked full of lies and meant to get you another sue happy check. Look up - the ambulance in front of you is slamming on its brakes!!!!!!!!

  30. "Anonymous said...
    At least Judge Parker has hair and it is on his head, not his face.

    January 30, 2010 5:09 AM"

    That seriously made me laugh!

    When I get drunk, I'm telling everyone around me to call Cedric Glover!!

  31. Yea how stupid is Sentell? He thinks Cedric Glover is the mayor of Bossier City. The stupidity in the DA's office is overwhelming.

  32. Everytime you get drunk in Bossier, yell "Call Cedric Glover"!

    And if you get arrested, tell the cop the following because they will love it!
    1) I am good buddies with Ron Miciotto (Bossier cops love him)
    2) You just want a lawsuit, don't you?
    3) I understand what you guys go through.

  33. I commend the police officers for doing their job. And for anyone to lose a job over this is highly suspect of justice in reverse. When I consider how all of this could have been so easily resolved for all involved, there would not be all the hoopla and attention that now exists and will remain. We cam all forgive a drunk for actions less than appropriate, but when sober and no rmorse nor apology is stated then we have a far greater problem. I am so ashamed of the events that have followed a drunken night at a casino; and the elected, appointed officials have totally lost their crdibility...or maybe they never had it...most likely!

  34. posted by another anon: this is mickey mouse stuff. we have a 6 million hole in the budget and we're worried about this crap. move on people.

    Hardly mm stuff, instead ethics, integrity, justice at an all time low.....tell that to the 2 officers who lost their jobs.......people and their own human dignity are worth more than dollars any day of the can the sentells sleep at night, and how can the marvins sleep at conscience i fear.

  35. like him or hate him (petty politics), I'm failing to see the "crime".....what am I missing?
    An 'allegation'? Where was the investigation.

  36. "Lying in Plain Sight" shows the arrogance and corruption the 26th leaders have, as well as the AG.

    Publicly elected officials can also be un-elected, at the next election, if not recalled before. But the only way to clean up this obvious corruption is to VOTE the buggars out...

    Pass it on... PLEASE!!!

    p.s. How about this as a rallying cry -

    "Remember the Horseshoe!!!" :)


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