Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Bossier City Police layoffs in the works?

Just when you thought it was safe, we find out that Bossier City will possibly have to layoff more police officers before the end of the year.
This is in addition to any layoffs that will be necessary if the tax renewal proposal is defeated on May 1st.
Due to an increase in the Police Pension Fund of possibly more than $1,000,000 which was not figured into the 2010 budget, the Bossier City Council will have to come up with the shortfall or face the specter of firing even more police officers.
The increase in the Fire Pension Fund was included in the recently passed budget.
One question being asked is if the administration was aware that the police contributions would be increased at the time they proposed the budget. They were certainly aware of the Fire increase.
If they were, why didn't they deal with it at the appropriate time?
Another question that comes to mind is when are the people of Bossier City going to rise up and demand some action to keep their public safety apparatus intact?
If current levels are not upheld, Bossier City is going to face some serious problems. It will be interesting to see where the solutions come from.


  1. Why are the citizens of bossier allowing these clowns to govern the city. All of them should be recalled and replaced with responsible people. Lo has his lap dog in place to assist in firing the police officers. Please do not let this happen people.

  2. Thank you Jim for continuing to support the Police and Fire Departments.
    Heather Carter

  3. My husband is one of the BCPD who is going to lose his job. Now, because suddenly there is another million dollars missing, there is no way he'll be spared without a miracle. Our mayor has gone out of his way to see that firemen and policemen lose their livelihoods. I don't believe for one second that no one knew about this last fall.
    So today, I called a realtor friend to see if she could sell our home. We looked at a mobile home to move into because it'll be all we can afford on one income. I sat teary-eyed in my boss's office today to ask how much overtime I could work every week and I'll have to also take a pay cut so we can provide insurance for our daughter....We'll sell everything we can to reduce our bills and pay off debt. My husband and I went to college, paid all our bills, saved, worked hard to have a modest home in a descent school district. We did everything we were supposed to do. We don't sleep at night. He doesn't eat or sleep, because he feels like he has failed our family...and now through no fault of our own, we're about to lose nearly everything because our leaders refuse to take responsiblilty for this terrible mess and come up with a way to fix this. The mayor will stay cozy in his Stonebridge home never worrying for even a moment about what he'll have to do to make ends meet. It doesn't even matter if he gets recalled, he'll still get to keep his city retirement and his air force retirement and be no worse for wear. Why is our city still steady wasting our money while the people who can least afford it sacrifice everything they've worked for? Mr Walker, I have yet to hear of you offering to sacrifice a single penny or a single luxury. The mayor and city council created this mess and refuse to claim responsibility, yet my family like so many others gets to pay the price.

  4. Heather or Carrie, is this a definite thing now or is it just being discussed?

  5. Let's say this is just another discussion. How can these people whose jobs are in question make plans for the future. Instead of constantly hearing that they may be let go because of other peoples poor planning, they should be hearing how much the citizens appreciate their hard work and that they have job security.

  6. It is being discussed, but if the people of Bossier City do not pass the millage tax and city government can not find the money to cover the increase in the pension fund there will be more lay offs for the Police and the Fire departments. My husband will be on "the list". I am in the same situation Carrie is in. I already work all the over time my company will allow me to. We built a home three years ago and now we are not sure of what our future holds. It is important for people to understand the city will not be laying off older officers who are at the age of retirement. The city will be laying off the last hired. This means young officers with many years of service ahead of them and most of them have young families. I can honestly say I don't know what to do or think at this point. I did everything I could think of last fall to help save as many jobs as possible. Now we face the same situation and even if the citizens pass the tax renewal we will face the same thing again for the increase in the pension fund. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I watch my husband go to work everyday and give his all for a city that doesn't seem to care one way or another. I completely agree with Carrie's statement. Now the Chief Administrative Officer, Lynn Austin, will serve as Interim Police Chief. I have nothing against Mr. Austin, but I do have to wonder what effect the wifes of officers standing up to the city government will have on our husband's jobs when someone directly from city government is in charge of the police department. At this point I feel that I can only hope for two things. First for the citizens of Bossier City to stand up and tell the city government they will not stand for this, or that the city of Shreveport is hiring when my husband gets laid off. Of course everything I have said is my personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect how my husband feels, but I'm sure he will hear about it all the same.
    Heather Carter

  7. Heather and Carrie's comments are heartfelt and sincere, but the city is going to target thieir husbands for being outspoken. It aint right, but its real. They are good people.

    Too bad Bossier City is full of corrupt politians like the entire city council. That means you too Jonesy.

  8. The layoffs of the Policemen and Firemen are going to bring this city to destruction. The crime will excellerate and when we do need help who are we going to call. The city officials do not seem to care about the people under them that they are getting rid of and causing their lives to be turned upside down.The officers put their lives on the line for the city each day and night. Without either Policemen or Firemen, who are we going to depend on to help us. It seems to me that our city officials need to do a better job in conducting business concerning our city. These officers do not make enough for what they do in my opinion and they are being treated unfairly.They are depending on all of us to stand up and fight to keep them.
    I must plead with all of the people in Bossier City, to please vote yes on the tax on May 1, 2010, because if we loose more officers, the city will definitely suffer. The city officials that cause this, should be ashamed. The mayor should do his best to keep these officers in place because I'm sure his job is not jeopardized or his salary cut. So again, vote YES on the ballot for the renewal millage tax to keep these officers and firemen. I want to feel safe and know I have people I can count on each day.I know you feel the same way. Let's pull together and not let this happen to the people we need the most in this city.


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