Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bossier City 2nd grader needs your help and prayers

Madison Johnson is a 2nd grader at Bellaire Elementary in Bossier City. She was diagnosed with Leukemia on December 10, 2009 and is currently receiving treatment at St.Judes Children Hospital in Memphis.
Madison's mom, Leslie Johnson, reports “at this point she's too sick to continue with chemo treatments. At least until her ANC counts and WBC counts come up. She was suppose to go in on the 20th to have another bone marrow asspiration to determine whether or not she would need a bone marrow transplant. They have now pushed that back two weeks. PLEASE pray that when they do these test that her leukoblast are less than 1%. This would be the best news in the world. it would mean shes going into remission. If by chance they are above 1% then she will need a transplant. At this moment they say shes at 37% chance of having one. if she does need this transplant we will be here a minimum of 6 months. They also said that the survival rate for this type of leukemia with transplant is only 55%. all my prayer warrior friends please be in prayer with us and spread the word. Ill let you all know when the date will be for her next test!”
You can keep up with Madison's progress on the Facebook group Praying for Madison Johnson.
There will be a fish fry fundraiser for Madison next Sunday from 11-3 at Ranchland Parking lot. Cost is $8.

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