Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More on the Red Light Camera Scam

The Times picked a great day to run their editorial supporting the red light camera scam. Today the Lafayette City/Parish government and other defendants, including Redflex Traffic Systems Inc, the Australian company that furnishes this service, were hit with a class action lawsuit seeking the return of money paid on over 18,000 fines, among other things. The suit also alleges that Redflex worked with the local government to make the 'yellow' lights shorter than required by law in order to issue more citations. The system is clearly unconstitutional, as it puts the burden of proof on the person who is charged. Read the suit, it's interesting.
Compliments of We Saw That, you may view the entire lawsuit here.
I wonder if Councilman Lester has any financial dealing of any nature with any company that proposes to furnish the city with this equipment?
According to the State Ethics Board's website, Lester has an outstanding balance on ethics fines of $5,000. You may view it here. That doesn't exactly infuse confidence in the person who is pushing this initiative.
Perhaps the City of Shreveport needs to move very, very slowly on this issue.

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