Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mayor Glover to return Suburban to Police Department

The Mayor of Shreveport apologized to the City Council Tuesday and said that he will return a vehicle that was bought with police funds. The council had criticized Glover for assigning the new Suburban, which was purchased and outfitted by the Police Department, to the mayor's office for his use.
Glover also announced that he will forego his $450 month car allowance and will no longer provide car allowances for his staff. He told the council that he did not intend to undermine their authority.
It's good to see a political figure step up and admit a mistake and correct it. Although many thought the mayor had a lapse in judgment in acquiring the vehicle as he did, rather than putting it in the mayor's budget, they can take heart in his actions Tuesday.
There actually is honor in His Honor.


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