Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More on Angie Garbarino - Officer Willis

UPDATE: The Times finally put the story up at 3:24PM!

As of 2:30 Tuesday afternoon, The Times online still has no reference to this story. KSLA did pick it up this morning. The Times does have some new headlines about the Wisconsin Primary today, about the Netts sending Kidd to the Mavericks and one about 'Girls Night Out' from Red River Moms. I guess they have their own priorities over there.

The story aired on Good Morning America on ABC today. Here is a link to their story with a warning - it has some very graphic photos of the injuries.

Since I wrote the last entry at 7:15 this morning, we have had more than 200 more views from Google searches.

Note: I removed the YouTube video from the last entry because users on YouTube are posting the officers address and phone number in their comments, and we don't want to link to that.


  1. Those officers and the chief of police should lose their job and more importantly their pensions.
    What a disgrace! What about their oath to defend the constitution!
    i guess they didnt really pay attention.
    La. is a joke and a disgrace to the USA!

  2. The officer should have called for assistance and clearly lost his temper. He also had previously complaints against him for excessive force, so at the very least, his actions show a lack of judgment. HOWEVER, this woman was injured in the car accident before this taping. She can be seen holding a cloth to her face and you can see that her teeth are missing as she is bent over in the chair. Lacerations to the head bleed profusely, so the blood all over the floor probably came mainly from the cut on her forehead... I suspect that the truth of what happened here goes beyond the shocking tape. Both parties appear to be acting pretty stupid.

  3. nic whit you're retarded that's the CORRECT term to call you, you just said nothing but bullshit but if your mom,or sister or even your daughter had been the beated one then you wouldn't talk shit,btw i'm your father


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