Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Officer Willis Deserves Due Process

Thirty-Six Hours ago, the only references on the internet to the incident involving Angela Garbarino and Shreveport Police Officer Wiley Willis were the original story by KTBS and the blog post by My Bossier. Now the media, local and national, and the blogosphere are buzzing with this story.
There are now several You Tube videos of the incident. The original one has had over 32,000 views and more than 650 comments. Unfortunately, some of the users were posting Officer Willis' home address and phone number in the comments section. That's why we pulled the video from our site.
The Times, exhibiting some sort of passive-aggressive behavior, only ran an article after the whole country was buzzing about the incident. ABC's 'Good Morning America' ran the story yesterday morning. The local paper didn't run it until 3:30 yesterday afternoon.
Now they are asking everyone with a 'bad cop' story to 'share' with them. Good Lord, anyone who has ever received a ticket has a 'bad cop' story!
Chief Whitehorn is scheduled to hold a press conference this morning dealing with the incident. Hopefully, he will call on an outside agency, perhaps the Attorney General, to fully investigate the incident. Until it is investigated in a thorough manner by an unbiased source everyone should withhold judgment.
The tape looks bad. The fact that Officer Willis had previous incidents that alleged improper behavior, and the fact that Chief Whitehorn fired him, also looks bad.
But Officer Willis is innocent until proven guilty of any crime, and he is entitled to due process. Let cooler heads prevail.


  1. innocent until guilty!!!!!
    what about the poor girl!!!
    the cop and the chief should lose their jobs and pension and i hope she sues their and the cities ass!
    what disgusting examples and you KNOW what happened. Do you think america is stupid. you police are pushing it too far.
    PIGS...PIGS! you belong in jail!

  2. This proves the point of the article. Let cooler heads prevail.

  3. Poetic justice will be when he and others like him commit further atrocities against those as clueless as yourself...


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