Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Coverage from The Times

Since we published the story below (Shreveport Police Officer Fired), we have received multiple hits on our humble little blog from people searching for this story on Google. We got it from KTBS and, of course, gave them all the credit. It was also picked up by WKRG in Mobile, Alabama. I could find nothing on the websites of KTAL or KSLA about it. Why is the local media avoiding this story?
We had hits from:
Henderson, NV
West Lafayette, IN
New York, NY (multiple hits)
Arlington, VA
Alexandria, VA
Hyattsville, MD
Austin, TX
Newnan, GA
Sydney, Australia
Tulsa, OK
Reston, VA
Marrero, LA
Jacksonville, AR
Mountain View, CA
Los Angeles, CA (multiple hits)
Alhambra, CA
Las Vegas, NV (mutliple hits)
Lafayette, LA
Monroe, LA
Atlanta, GA
Burnaby, British Columbia
Flemington, NJ
Spartanburg, SC
Minneapolis, MN
Seattle, WA
Shawnee, KS
Montreal, Quebec
West Chester, PA
Longview, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Agoura Hills, CA
Montgomery, AL
So you can see, this story isn't exactly a secret - except at The Times. Not a word. Not one. Why is it that people all over the country (world) are looking for information about this incident, and our own local newspaper hasn't run a word of it.
Good for KTBS, they are doing what good journalists should do - report the news, not cover it up.
Oh, and it's on YouTube too. Below is the video.


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