Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pentagon Developing Plan to choose site for Cyber Command

The Air Force will spend the next several months devising the methodology to select the base that will be home to new Air Force Cyber Command, its head learned in a conference call Friday with top service brass. "It was the Pentagon guys informing the rest of us that they have to come up with ... an eight-step process to do this (National Environmental Protection Act evaluation)," said Maj. Gen. William Lord, who is commander of the new command, starting up in a provisional form at Barksdale Air Force Base.
"They're experts at this, so it's not like they have to invent it from scratch, but they have to document it, and ... get the secretary's general counsel to OK that process. That's what they're doing right now. "The process will determine the effect basing the 541 people of Cyber Command's headquarters could have on area schools, infrastructure, communications and transportation, and how these will affect the operation of the command. He agreed with spokesmen for Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne, who said the process will delay selection of the new command's home base "into the fall of this year."
excerpt from The Times

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