Monday, February 11, 2008

Did Robert Adley Applaud?

Maybe my eyes are deceiving me, but I do believe that Robert Adley was sitting there applauding when Governor Jindal delivered the following line:

"Last year, including this issue (local disclosure) became a poison pill that killed financial disclosure legislation.
Let me be clear, that will not happen again

I believe he was applauding. Looks good on TV. Remember, last May it was Adley who was responsible for killing the bill because it included municipal officials. At that time he said
This whole thing has been a sham, hiding behind local government. (We) “worked very hard to put together a disclosure package for legislators and it’s not our job to sit here and pass it on to local government.”
If it was a sham then it is a sham now. Why applaud? Was his conversion to the Republican party so complete, and has his new life as a Jindalista ripped the scales from his eyes?
The next two weeks will be really interesting.
We will be watching.

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