Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cedric's Police Vehicle

Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover has stirred up a hornets nest by appropriating a new Suburban that was purchased by the police department for his own use. In a letter responding to the concerns of city council members, Glover said he needs the vehicle for a security protocol which he asked Chief Whitehorn to develop. Glover has asked the council to transfer the costs to the mayor's budget.
Glover didn't specify what security concerns the vehicle supposedly addresses. We do know that the vehicle is equipped with lights and siren, all the bells and whistles.
I can understand somewhat. Say you're at the corner of 70th and Line in Cedar Grove and a gunfight breaks out. Just flip on the lights, turn on the siren and take off. I wouldn't mind having those ameneties myself, and that definitely would help with your personal security.
Need to make a quick run to Herby-K's for some stuffed shrimp? Jump in the Suburban and take off. Traffic backed up on Youree Drive and you're in a hurry to get to Macaroni Grill? Damn the traffic, turn on the lights and hit the shoulder - you'll be dipping hot bread in olive oil before those other suckers make it to the light.
I realize that hizzoner would have trouble fitting his substantial self into a more economical vehicle, and if the city is going to furnish him a ride, the Suburban is as good as any. Politicians these days seem to really love the SUV's, you know.
He should have included it in the budget of the mayor's office. I think the council is rightfully upset by the end run of putting it into the police budget. The mayor needs to address the public on this issue and make it right. He has had a lot of goodwill so far in his term, and doesn't need to jeapordize it over a car.

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