Monday, February 18, 2008

Shreveport Police Officer Fired

This from KTBS News - see link at the bottom for entire article and video:
A Shreveport police officer has been fired after an incident in which a female prisoner taken into custody on suspicion of DWI wound up lying on a floor at the police station in a pool of blood.
Much of what happened was recorded on a videotape – but there is a gap of undetermined length. During that time, the woman wound up injured. She said she was beaten up; the officer said she fell.
The woman, Angie Garbarino of Shreveport, was argumentative when she was brought to the DWI unit’s office last November. The videotape shows she did not want to listen to Officer Wiley Willis as he read her rights. . . . .
The situation escalated and the videotape shows the officer push the woman against the wall; she fell to the floor crying and telling him not to touch her.
She later tried to leave again. What happened next was outside the view of the camera but the woman can be heard screaming before she is placed back in a chair.
Seconds later, the tape is turned off. It is not known what happened while the tape was off, but when it was turned back on Garbarino was lying on the floor on her side in a pool of blood.
Willis turns her on her back and tells her, “Lay down; don’t move, ”the videotape shows.
“I can't believe you just did what you just did. I really can't,” she said.

Read the complete story and see the tape at KTBS


  1. This police crime is sickening. It's happening all over the country.
    There is a former bad cop whose name is Robert Davis, he has written a book called COP OUT where he "outs" all bad cops and their dirty tricks. He also write articles about the signs of bad cops on His site is His articles are very revealing!

  2. Why has no one slit this pigs throat?
    Or at least tie him up and make him watch his wife get gang raped by a bunch of transients.
    Fuck the blue-line.

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