Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Banana Cream Pie

Mrs. Andy made me another pie, this one is banana cream.  It is awesomely good, with the flakiest, best homemade crust you ever tasted, creamy custard and bananas.
The first pie she gave me was a buttermilk pie, which was also awesome.
I miss no opportunity to kiss up to her on Facebook - I want to keep those pies coming.
Thanks Pam!


  1. Jimbo, you gotta quit slipping around my place while I'm gone.

    The neighbors are talking...

    Nyuk! I'll show her this in the morning. Which, BTW, is our 32nd anniversary. Oh yeah, I think I mentioned that!

  2. Jim, preach as I do on the evils of the empty carbs and massive calories of such desserts...
    ....well, even I would eat a slice.
    Hope you enjoyed it :-)


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