Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fatal Shooting on Barksdale Boulevard

Two are dead and one wounded and in surgery.  We will update this as more becomes available.

Scene of shooting at Bill Norris Appliance

Police at the scene
People gathering nearby
(Photos compliments of Rex Moncrief)


  1. Don't ever think it can't happen here. My sympathy goes out to the injured person and to the families of the deceased.

  2. Jim, I've been hearing grapevine style that Bill was killed. Been at work, and got no hard word.

    Damn shame...all of it. Our hearts go out to all of the victims. Pretty close to home, there...

  3. Anyone that knew Bill Norris knows he was a good, kind hearted man. This was a senseless, hateful crime. I did not know the other two victims but my heart goes out to all three families.

  4. I can't remember anything this bad happening in Bossier City! I know our BCPD will find this murderer. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to this family.

  5. I send out my sincerest sypathes to the victim's of this horrible crime. The Bossier City Police Department detectives are hard working and will not rest until this case is solved.

  6. bill norris was no angel. he was into alot of stuff you people dont know about.


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