Friday, April 1, 2011

Thoughts on the Saturday Election

The Tax Renewal
Bossier Parish voters have a choice of renewing the 3 mill tax that funds the Police Jury’s obligation to operating the three parish prisons.
The tax is for another ten years, and has already been renewed once. The Police Jury has rolled back the rate to 2.3% while at the same time putting in money from sales tax revenues in order to fulfill that obligation. Some have called for voting down the tax and forcing the Police Jury to come up with the money by scrubbing the budget and providing the money from other sources. Without studying the Parish budget and being able to suggest where cuts amounting to almost $2,000,000 could be made I am uncomfortable with this approach.
The sheriff pays about 1/3 of the cost of operating the prisons, primarily by providing the manpower. The Police Jury is bound by law to pay most of the rest. This is not an optional expense.
The voters approved building the prisons and voted in this tax in the first place.
I think a better way to suggest savings to the taxpayers would be by studying the Parish budget and sharing your ideas as to what cuts could be made.

The Marshal’s Race
The election for a new City Marshal is tomorrow. At this point, I believe everyone has made up their mind as to who they support. Whether you are for Lynn Austin, Sam Wyatt or Carl Richard – go vote tomorrow.


  1. And if you don't vote, don't gripe because your candidate loses!

  2. Let's post 'em folks. I'll go first.

    Turn out 12%

    Austin 56%
    Richard 23%
    Wyatt 21%

    Parish tax "yes"

  3. That's laughable.
    Austin 45%
    Wyatt 35%
    Richard 20%
    Wyatt takes the runoff.

  4. Ustin takes it first round. the only race is for second.

  5. You're an idiot, the sheriff has plenty of money to pay this if he doesn't he should close them down.

  6. Turn out 12% Agreed.

    Runoff Austin vs ?

    Parish Tax "No"

  7. 8:05, backatcha. Go back and read what I wrote - by all means get someone to help you if you need it. The sheriff contributes his part and the Police Jury must pay the rest.

  8. I'll go out on a limb and say 15% turnout.

  9. I have to agree with Jim on the 15% turnout....if we're lucky. The ones that don't vote will be complaining the loudest about things after the election.

  10. This is going to be good, very good! Yall under estimate the power of the people! I vote for the People!!

  11. Richard 52%
    Austin 26%
    Wyatt 22%

    16% voter turn out

  12. I don't think we will even have 10%turn out. I do think Austin will win it outright and I think the tax will pass.

  13. Either the machine continues or all will change in Bossier.

    Previous posters where correct in that the call for change didnt happen in school board races or any others and the predictions didnt come true.

    If Lynn isnt elected first time it will mean change is coming to Bossier across the board.

  14. April 2 6:14
    Did you know about the offer from Austin to make Richard his Chief Deputy if he dropped out of the race? Everybody else had the knowledge- Did you know that Richard said a definite,and firm "NO" over and over- Don't tell us the know everything Austin Anonymous commenters did not know this!!

  15. Unless you choose to believe the version that says Richard approached Austin trying to make the deal and Austin said no.

  16. BELIEVE what you want, it does not matter! Just your attitude alone makes you a sad loser!

  17. I am putting all the rumors to rest. I don't live in Bossier City and I am not friends with Richard so I have no reason to lie because I cannot vote. Richard told me several months ago before he entered the race that he was told by Austin that he was only using the Marshal's office as a stepping stone to B.C mayor. he also told me that Austin asked him not to run against him and would make him his Chief Deputy.

  18. @6:08 Why would you even post something like that if you don't even live in BC and aren't even friends with Carl Wayne? If you don't know him, what makes you think it is "fact" enough to post on a blog? If Lynn Austin just wanted to get to the mayor's office, don't you think he would have stayed where he 2nd in charge?

  19. Good ole boys rule - love to see the bloggers predicting doom and gloom and the people were going to do this and that - all I can say is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - people in bossier love how things are going and love the good ole boys

  20. Hey 4/1 laughable. I did not miss it by much. You are quite the expert. The only thing you got right was Anonymous. Loser.


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