Monday, April 4, 2011

The Conversation

If you're on any social network, you've probably already seen this.  I'm going to put it up anyway.
I have watched my nephew's twin boys, who are now 7 years old, communicate since they were infants.  These two probably know what they are saying to each other.
(Sort of reminds me of the My Bossier comments section at times!)


  1. Okay, I had NOT seen this. But, The Mrs. said that she had, and it was "cute."

    Jeepers! I laughed my guts up (figuratively).

    I swear...and this is the truth...when The Mrs. was pregnant with #2 son, Dr. Hart had suspicions that there were two sons up in there. At first I got excited, then I started pondering it all. I told my Daddy that if The Mrs. bore twins, I'd just go to the top of the Bossier Bank & Trust, and throw myself off.

    Now we gots The HorseShoe Hotel. I'd opt for that. I swear, I don't know how parents with two at once deal with it all. I mean, one at a time is struggle enough.

    I figure there must be some special grace.

    I've known a bunch of twins in my life. It's an amazing study to see how it goes down in their lives (or, CAN go down). Anyway...cute vid.

  2. Many government decisions were made following these kind of discussions. I had 2 brothers that were twins. I was the oldest. They were always fighting. But when I got in a fight with one of them, I had to whup both of them.


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