Thursday, April 21, 2011

Former EMS VP: 'Administration lacks the ability to lead'

The letter below is self-explanatory.  It is the letter from Bossier Parish EMS Board Vice-President Robert Berry dated earlier this month laying out his reasons for resigning.
Berry and board member David Anderson both resigned prior to yesterday's meeting.
Doris Grappe and Charlotte Hamiter (a Plain Dealing alderman), both submitted their letters of resignation under protest.  David Brian also resigned.
Speaking of now suspended EMS Director Duxie Scott, Hamiter said "Duxie has saved and supplied everything this parish needs and he has been ousted – just because one person did not like him. The salaries he’s talking about, we rescinded those salaries."
The one person she is referring to, of course, is Berry.  Berry has also alleged instances of illicit sex by employees while on duty and that an individual with a felony theft conviction was hired by Scott.  There are also charges of $15,000 worth of building materials missing from the construction site of the new EMS facility.
NWLATPA has a link to all of the documents on their website
There will be a public meeting Tuesday at 3PM at the EMS office on Swan Lake Road to discuss the investigation.

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  1. I wonder what Berry got out of this whole deal? Oh, wait, he got a position on the Cypress Lake Board, where he owns property. Now he can make those changes to the way the lake gets managed, more to his benefit. Oh yes, he also got his buddy Halphen a nice job earning 80K and a new vehicle to drive around in, all while drawing 60-70k in retirement. A pretty good deal, if you have friends in high places. Ever want to know why people become firemen and cops, well because they can retire after 20 years earning a large chunk of their income, then usually they get to go right back to work in some cushy admin job within government. Forgot to mention that the firemen also get that sweet deal of "working" a 24 hr day then get 2 days off. Well, guess what, they almost never actually work the full 24 hrs. That is why they all can do yard cutting. We have let government run away with our money for far too long. We need to vote all these bums out and elect real, working people to office. Not lawyers or insurance salesmen or business men who are in it for their own benefit. No more lobbiest, no more hiring family/friends. It is our money, tell them they work for US.


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