Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doyle Dempsey set to announce tonight – but what will he announce?

I’ve been hearing for a couple of days that something was going on in the sheriff’s race, particularly concerning Doyle Dempsey.
Dempsey has an announcement planned tonight and the original intent was to announce his run for sheriff. I hear from a couple of pretty good sources that Dempsey and Julian Whittington had a meeting to discuss the situation.
I’m also hearing that Dempsey will announce tonight that he will not run, but will support Whittington.
A commenter on the blog made the statement a couple of hours ago that it is the talk of the sheriff’s office. I have verified that it is the talk of the town, but I can’t verify the truth of it at this time.
I have been attempting to reach Chief Dempsey to get a clarification, but have been unable to get a response from either phone calls or emails. This makes me believe that there may be something to it.
At this point it's all speculation, we’ll know in a couple of hours.


  1. Dempsey agreed not to run as long as Whittington left him in the number 2 position! Larry Deen arranged the deal! Don't believe me, watch and see!

  2. So Dempsey just announced he is NOT running for Sheriff!! It is official!! Wow!!!! What a clown!!!! This mess is just ridiculous!

  3. Deal making at it's best!
    If Julian Whittington plays along with this it just proves he learned from Larry Deen just how to play the game. He will not get my vote if he leaves Doyle Dempsey as his number 2 man.

  4. Well, I must say this race is getting interesting by the minute. I was hoping that it was going to be a three or more man race. Competition is good, it makes us better at who we are and what we do.

    I heard that 10,000 invitations were mailed out, and if that is true then why make a public appearence to say that he was not running?

  5. Whittington must really feel threatened by McConnell if he has to have Dempsey back him... i think McConnell is doing just as the people need him to by answering the questions that are thrown out to him and by standing his ground and also clearing up the misleading things being posted about him..just imagine how he is going to defend the people when he has the guts to defend hisself and his strong beliefs of what the sheriff department should be!!!! i know i posted this on the other one but i'm just trying to state the facts here...and like mike said this is getting more and more interesting by the minute

  6. I believe there's a little more to it than these two reasons..

    From KTBS
    Dempsey said the cost of a campaign was one factor but he also didn't want to risk dividing the department by making deputies choose between him and former No. 2 Julian Whittington, who resigned earlier this year and said he will run for sheriff.

  7. Well of course Dempsey would agree to stay ... for the paycheck he is drawing as #2, I would stay, too. The corruption continues. Poor Whittington doesn't realize how much this just hurt his campaign. Maybe McConnell can get rid of all this overspending!

  8. McConnell does not stand a chance!

  9. Anon 9:01
    I ordered a Public Information Request (PIR) from the sheriff's office in reference to the outrageous spending (along with other PIR's). It was an eye opener and it was how I expected.

    (I will come out with this information in the near future).

    I Pledge to the citizens of this great parish, under my leadership, I will treat your money as if it is my own. I will cut the wasteful spending and reduce the enormous budget. These are hard times and if the citizens have to cut back, then you can expect the sheriff's office to do the same.

  10. Well, it looks as if Deen and Whittington were not mad at each other like they put on. Dempsey would have had to get daddy Deen's permission to play with Whittington. What a crock!

  11. I guess I feel sad for all of you. Dempsey is NO clown!! He IS a man of integrity, of which most have no idea about. Politcs is full of compromise, and he WILL NOT compromise the office of sheriff or the citizens of this great parish!! Mike, you should get your story straight before jumping out there with allegations. First you said he was handing out campaign flyers at Home Depot...NOT TRUE. Second, you say he passed out 10,000 invitations...NOT TRUE!! If a deal was made, it was NOT with Dempsey!! Before you accuse or call him a clown..get to know the man for which you are talking about. It won't take you long to find out how very wrong you are!!

  12. April 15 8:09
    To set the record straight, I was the one who reported that Under Sheriff Was not politicing at Home Depot and I assure you that I was not the person who said that he was a "clown". When ever I leave a comment, I leave my name.


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