Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sideshows and Carnival Barkers

I hope this puts it to rest.  I published a blog post about this in July of 2009, and of course was attacked that I would have the audacity to say that it was a non-issue.  Let's be clear, despite the fact that there is no requirement that the president has to produce a birth certificate Obama did so a couple of years ago, putting a copy of the birth certificate that the State of Hawaii standardly issues.  Of course, that was immediately attacked. 
Now I'm seeing statements to the effect of 'why didn't he do it sooner and put a stop to it'. 
A couple of reasons, first because he had no obligation to do so, and second, because the birthers were serving him well.  For quite a long time they kept a lot of people distracted with this nonsense.  Of course, The Donald is taking credit for this, and will do so insufferably in the future, I'm sure. 
Maybe he considers that it is the answer to that portentous question, 'Meat Loaf, should I run for president?'.
Just for kicks, here are a few of the comments I got on that blog post back in 2009.
Anonymous said...

Jim, you would have made a great little German citizen back during the rise of Hitler's popularity.
July 28, 2009 12:27 PM
Anonymous said...
So you also don't have a problem with our President not producing a passport or birth certificate. Non issue, right?
July 28, 2009 5:35 PM
Jim said...
He did produce a birth certificate. Why should he produce his passport? There have been no credible questions about his travels. You may have to put down the World Net Daily just long enough to get a dictionary and look up the word "credible".
July 28, 2009 5:41 PM
Anonymous said...
He produced a birth certificate? You have a copy? WOW!!! What hospital and who was the attending physician? You sure know alot about world net daily, what's up with that?
July 28, 2009 6:13 PM
BloggerJim said...
I have to read WND so I can keep up my discussion with you. Otherwise, I'd be at a total loss as to what the hell you're talking about.
July 28, 2009 6:19 PM


  1. I have never doubted that Obama had a birth certificate issued in Hawaii. I do believe that anyone who runs for president should be required to prove that he/she was born in the U.S. since that is a requirement to be president. I don't remember for sure but I think I had to show a birth certificate before being allowed to enlist in the USAF and later to get a passport. Being president should demand a higher standard of proof than being an airman.

    I think you are correct, it served him well for a while because some focused on this matter rather than what is really important. That being that he and his gang are completely destroying this country

  2. I agree, I was surprised that there is no requirement. Politically, I won't get started. It's not time for my annual 'both parties are evil' rant.

  3. Both parties are evil.

  4. Okay, so he still hasn't answered the question as to where he was born. So maybe he says that he has already addressed the issue, but I'd have liked to see him hold up his "certification" and let somebody check the authenticity of the document. Too bad he won't help end this "nonsense." Trump for President!

  5. Wow. Give the birth certificate a rest! Move on. People continue to be distracted by nonsense when both parties are dismantaling rights and benefits that made America the world's largest economy. What is destroying America is the dumbing of America by corporations and greedy individuals who have our hijacked our economy in the name of capitalism. Continue to cut your nose off in spite of your face and soon you may be working for the Chinese or Arabs without any rights or benefits.

  6. 8:09PM - you really think he could 'fake' an official document of the State of Hawaii and they wouldn't notice - they have TV over there too you know.

  7. I believe he was born in Hawaii. But I also believe he is a Muslim. I would go after that issue rather than the birth certificate.

  8. Can we please take a moment and remember that it was Hillary Clinton and members of the Democrat caucus who first brought up the birth certificate issue?

  9. Anon @ 8:09. You have got to be the biggest fool God ever let live. Sorry Jim, but I just could'nt help myself. And besides, is it really a personal attack when your name is Anonymous?

  10. Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis

  11. Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis

    Okay, I had to Gooble it.


    To be honest, I didn't really believe that ObozO was born in Harwayar. I honestly believed that no sane, intelligent, thoughtful individual would spend millions of dollars trying to hide something that could easily be disclosed.

    I was right. I mean about the later, not the former...

  12. But did he spend millions as the birther blogs claim? Go ahead Andy, put the tin foil hat up in the closet . . .

  13. Oh, I don't know how much he spent, Jimbo. But I know he spent a lot of money that was now obviously not necessary.

    But, that's pretty well a requirement for a politician, I guess.

    BTW, I look good in aluminum. Just sayin'...

  14. @Andy

    I'm sure the reflection brightens up your pink bedroom.

  15. Obama was groomed from a young man to do just what he is doing, destroy America as we know it! But the good news is we have God on our side and we will not be taken down. It is best that we just don't say anything, it would not matter anyway, God worked to hard to establish and fill our Hearts with love and pride for our Country and fellow man, he is not about to let some smooth talking arrogant teleprompter paper head take us down, he's allowing his true colors to be shown and he is going down fast, Oh! is he doing a great job or what?? Way to go,Obama

  16. The birth certificate is a side show. The main problem is the Republicans or Democrats have no one to run against him with credibility. His predecessor (Bush) from the time he took office to the time he left office increased the deficit by 2.7 trillion dollars, the highest increase of any President in the history of this country. It was due to the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Wall St. bailouts all of which were started under Bush and is what we are paying for now. This war is the longest ever in U.S. history. That makes the Republicans look bad and what Obama is doing now (Obamacare, continuing a Vietnam type war, etc.) makes the Democrats look bad. So unless someone steps up it seems it's going to be President Obama in a second term.

  17. Okay, so here is Andy with his "Shiny, Aluminum Hat," (which I look extremely good in) telling Anon @ 11:42 that I STILL BELIEVE THAT HILLARY WILL CHALLENGE OBOZO IN THE DIMOCRAP PRIMARIES.

    At least, she will sow seeds amongst the Dimocrap faithful, and the likely SuperDelegates that she is the best man for the job, and that working for ObozO has shown her just what a friggin' retard he is, and she might just raise enough sand to get drafted at their pathetic convention.

    As far as the Republicans go...I look for the same kind of thing. There is not anyone sniffing around at running that flips my switch.

    The guys (and gals) that I really like have nixed it. But, I'm pretty sure that seeds are being sown as I type for a same such "dramatic" rise for one of them, and a draft at their pathetic convention, too. If the Republicans draft anyone that can spell "C.A.T.," and get a VP nominee that knows that "JOBS" is actually not a three letter word, it should be a worser waxing than Ray-Gun put on Jimmuh.

    I shudder to think that ObozO will serve a second term.

    Maybe I have more faith in the public than is warranted...but I just don't want to believe that we can give up a hearty "Thank You Sir, May I Please Have Another!", when it comes to this guy.

    I am probably wrong. I usually am.

  18. From Anon April 29, 2011 11:42 PM

    I hope you're right Andy. We need a change in the way this country has been run. I'm just not sure she wants it.

  19. Don't count on me being right. It's a rare deal.

  20. Also if the Dems and Republicans spent as much time working together for the good of the country as they do arguing with each other we would all be ahead.

  21. My take, is that the guy shouldn't have held out so long... They demanded to see McCains birth certificate and he showed it immediately. Why did NObama hold back for more than 2 years? Something is fishy about that, no matter who is being asked...

    But I can see how this goes, the liberals ask for something and expect it immediately, the Conservatives ask for something and it's ok to be delayed for more than 2 years... How typical...


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