Thursday, April 21, 2011

BCPD charge man in last week's triple murder

Bossier City Police have arrested Gerald Cortez Needham and charged him with three counts of first degree murder. Needham is charged with killing Bill Norris, Jesse Burks and Harold Arnett last week.

Chief Shane McWilliams will hold a press conference tomorrow at 10AM with more details.

KTBS story here


  1. Gerald Needham should have been in jail for life long ago. Look up his criminal history and you'll be amazed how many times this guy has been to jail.

  2. Wow! I'll admit that I thought it would take longer than this to narrow to "arrest" level, given the super sketchy details.

    I know the BC law enforcement guys have worked this one hard. Gonna be interesting to see how it plays out. Real close to home...

  3. What is the criminal history? Not everyone has access to that information.

  4. He's a savage. Plain and simple. Hopefully he'll never see the outside of a cage ever again.

  5. I believe that a job well done is on order for the Bossier City Police Dept. This just goes to show now matter what kind of negative publicity police officers get there are officers out there that are passionate about there job. Great job BCPD and Chief McWilliams.


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