Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Comment Moderation

The first time I used comment moderation was during the city marshal's race back in March.  This is what I published then:
I am instituting comment moderation on the blog, this means that I will have to read and approve any comments that are left before they go up.
I am doing this because a lot of unnecessary comments, some bordering on slander, some silly and some just outrageous, have been left lately.
You will still be able to fully express your view, support your candidates, and discuss your agreement/disagreement with any candidate or their platform. What you won't be able to do is make accusatory remarks that can't be substantiated.
Let's see if it improves the level of our discussions.
Now I am forced to do it again, and I hope we don't have to keep it up until the election.  I detest doing this to my regular readers, who comment all the time and are accustomed to seeing their comments go up immediately.  It is necessary, however.  I'll turn it off from time to time over the next couple of days and see if we can get back to normal.


  1. So Jim, you are endorsing and protecting a man from factual comments posted that you met "for one minute at a meet and greet"?

  2. I am not 'protecting' anyone. I just won't have trolls organizing personal attacks. Plenty of opposing opinions have been given, as well as the facts of the Louellen Smith incident, as well as on Duke's suspension. More will come out today.

  3. A long time coming.

  4. I don't blame you. You would think people could have a mature discussion of events.

  5. I agree Jim. A lot of comments were getting crazy.

  6. Jim, please keep it on to protect me because i have nothing good to say about Duke. I was a Duke supporter until today. This mail I got today is ridiculous and just turns me off to any candidate. I'm just not voting. Why did he go this low?

  7. Jim,

    You allowed my comment but didn't respond to the gutter tactics by Duke. You have been quick to call Jeff out for negative campaigning. Bias? Where are you?

  8. Ok Duke calls jeff a trial lawyer therefore he is using gutter politics.

    Jeff calls duke a lier with a record of deceit.

    Ok i see your logic, by the way what is jeff's proffession again?


Rules of the road:
1. No personal attacks or insults.
2. No accustory statements about wrongdoing or criminal acts against anyone.
3. Say all you want about the pros and cons concerning the candidates and the issues, or the general subject of the blog post, just follow Rule #1 and Rule #2.