Sunday, October 2, 2011

Endorsement: Bobby Edmiston for Assessor

Tax Assessor.
Just the title itself stirs people up. In fact, of course, the people vote on all property taxes. Let that sink in – you voted for the taxes that you are paying.
The job of the assessor is to provide accurate property assessments so that the taxes you voted for can be properly collected.
The office of Assessor has operated well since Bobby’s election in 1998. There is now a Bossier City satellite office to assist taxpayers, and a user friendly website that is second to none.
The law calls for the assessor to fairly assess all property in the parish, providing updated assessments every four years. If anyone feels that their assessment is incorrect, they can appeal to the assessor. If that fails, they can appeal to the Louisiana Tax Commission.
As far as property taxes go, Louisiana has some of the lowest tax rates in the country. Sales taxes, on the other hand, are generally higher.
Bobby Edmiston has done a good job as Assessor. I believe that he should be re-elected.


  1. You didn't make the kool-aid, but you know how to serve it up.

  2. Is that the best you can do?
    How about "I believe Ryal Siem would do a better job because. . "

  3. Jim, come on now, that would require some reasonable discussion and a few ideas of their own, I think you may be asking too much :)

  4. I would like to get an explaination from Siem conccerning a comment on a mailout I received today. "Do the job I was elected to do."
    Is this a swipe at Edmiston's military commitment? As military reservist myself, if this is a swipe at Edmiston's military service, I can not vote for such a person.
    I was called up several times in the past ten years.
    Mr. Siem, if you are reading this exlpain, please. And what is your military background? As a candidate you should let people know.


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