Monday, October 17, 2011

Election 2011: The Final Week

Two things are certain this Saturday evening - LSU will be 8-0 and the two most bitterly contested races in Bossier will be settled.
Because we all know that LSU will beat Auburn.
And we know that the race for House District 8 and Senate District 37 will both have a winner.
There have been fireworks in both of these races, really revving up a little over a week ago in District 8 when Jeff Thompson sent out his now infamous flyer "Duke Lowrie, a record of deceit", in which he said that Lowrie was suspended from BCFD for 'lying'. 
Lowrie promptly responded with a lawsuit for defamation and violation of attorney/client privilege.
In the Senate race, long time Rep. Jane Smith zeroed in on opponent Barrow Peacock, accusing him of being soft on social issues.
Peacock responded by attacking Smith on her Achilles heel, tax increases.
Look for more fireworks in both of these races this week.
Meanwhile, not every race has been so contentious.  In the race for Bossier City Council District 5, candidates Tommy Harvey and former Council Member Larry Hanisee have conducted a clean, straightforward campaign.  These are both good, qualified candidates, and District 5 will be the winner in the end.
The Assessor's race between incumbent Bobby Edmiston and challenger Ryal Siem has also been free of personal attacks.  I have endorsed Bobby in this race, but tip my hat to Ryal Siem for a race well run.
In the police jury races, Mark Toloso seems to be giving incumbent Glenn Benton a run for his money in District 2.
In District 3, Martha Peace Reyenga and Lucy Cooper are both campaigning hard for the seat held by Wanda Bennett.
Incumbent Winfred Johnston has 5 challengers in District 4.  It isn't hard to predict a runoff in this one, but I have no idea who the final 2 will be.
I'll keep my ear to the ground and pass on anything I hear.


  1. I've grown tired of these elections. I'm ready to oust Lo Walker and the city council.

  2. Ryal Siem for AssessorOctober 17, 2011 at 6:53 PM

    I support Ryal Siem for Assessor. He worked his way up the ladder in General Motors, starting on the bottom and ending up as a successful manager within the company. Edminston is a life long banker executive with an MBA. Hardly something I can relate with. I like Ryal because he intends to be the people's assessor and I simply relate to him more because of his humble origin.

  3. Smart person 3:30pm. They don't even run until 2013. What a real threat you are genius!

  4. edmiston has a humble origin. if you really talked to both candidates, then you would know that.

  5. Are you seriously trying to attack someone for having an MBA? In case you do not understand, MBA stands for Master of Business Administration.

    I have heard nothing but good about both candidates. I have personally spoken to both candidates and they speak well of each other. No mudslinging. Two different viewpoints. That is all! I like both candidates, but I did not agree with the new assessment of my residence. So, I voted for Ryal in early voting. Look at how many people are not paying taxes on their residence in very prominent neighborhoods. Most have friendships with Bobby.

  6. 9:37,
    That's what I meant. I'm ready for the 2013 elections. GENIUS.

  7. Ryal Siem for AssessorOctober 18, 2011 at 7:49 PM

    I'm not attacking him for having an MBA. I'm just saying that I prefer a common person to represent my interests, not someone of the wealthy business elite. Same reason why I voted against Fleming every time.



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