Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wind up (most of) Election 2011

Congratulations to Julian Whittington, Bobby Edmiston, Jeff Thompson and Barrow Peacock for wins tonight.
We'll look at the Police Jury results and the runoffs tomorrow.
Best news of the night - Barbara Norton is forced into a runoff.
Numbers and more tomorrow.
Good Night!


  1. My mistake - the SOS site just updated!

  2. Come on Jim don't lie to me, deep down you want Barbara Norton to win. At the very least she does provide comedy fodder for the blogs.

  3. And to think, I was just laughing at your comment on your better half's blog!

  4. Jim,
    I'm not taking total claim on the comments that you helped elicit on my better half's blog. LOL!
    We love your phrase, "asshat!" Pat's been calling me her little "asshat." How endearing.
    Besides, if old Babs doesn't win, we may never see another performance from Hurricane Chris!

  5. She's definitely a joke. The scary part is that thier are still enough stupid people voting to get her to a run off.

  6. Yeah I would hate for Norton to lose. Everytime she's on the news the guys in my office gather around and we pull up the video on the computer and just howl. We love it when she tries to speak intelligently only to show how pathetic she is. Keep fightin' Barbara!!!

  7. Quit hating on Barbara N. You all be just jealous because none of you can win anything!

  8. I know I all be jealous.


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