Monday, October 10, 2011

The Police Jury Races

I haven't spent a lot of time on the Police Jury races.  The following candidates have sent us information to publish:
District 1: Troy Ogletree
District 2: Mark Toloso
District 3:
Martha Peace Reyenga
Lucy Cooper

Marty Carlson has talked to the candidates in all of the contested races.  Here are links to her columns in the Bossier Press Tribune about the races:
Districts 1 & 2

If you are unsure what district you live in, here is a map of the districts.


  1. I don't know where else to put this comment because Mr. Benton, incumbent in Police Jury District 2, decided not to take part in the candidate fourm. I think I know why he didn't. His voting record!He has voted in favor of parish zoning, which will let the Jury dictate What a property owner can do with their property. He voted in favor of the new noise ordinance that is way To strict and is driving drilling companies out of Bossier parish!!
    He has gone to Washington DC Mardi Gras twice on the taxpayers Dime! Last year that cost over 22,000 Dollars!! He keeps saying how great Cyber is, but can't tell anyone where all the jobs are. 10,000 jobs? Where are they. How much is it costing the Parish to Run the building? How much do they pay Mr. Spohn to Keep Barksdale AFB here?? ANd he is doing all of this while he has filed for protection in Bankruptcy court. Yes, he has filed for Bankruptcy while he is spending your Tax dollars!! I hope that is not too personal, but it is a matter of public record in the Bossier Clerks office in Benton. You Can find it on the clerks Website!

  2. Anon - if you're so happy to look things up in the Clerk's office - why not look up your own questions?

    "How much is it costing the Parish to Run the building? How much do they pay Mr. Spohn to Keep Barksdale AFB here?? "

    I, for one, live in the area where Mr. Benton is the Juror. I know that his opponent is backed by the guy that causes my neighborhood the MOST trouble and know that my current juror has helped our neighborhood out anytime he's been asked. I've been shocked by how quick he calls or replies in his emails anytime I've asked questions (well before election season).

    His opponent - per the Bossier Press - said a "top issue" is the Jury's planned parish-wide water and sewer district. That sounds awesome - like he got in the race to fix something he didn't like? Wrong - "Until I started running I hadn't heard about it."

    I'm sorry...what? Your top issue is something you didn't know about until you decided to run?

    Too many questions in his candidacy. I'm sure, again, he's a great guy - but this alone makes me worry SO much.

  3. We are all supporting Freddy Shewmake, he is what Bossier City is all about- He put the Spirit back into Bossier High School, it was as if we were back at the Football games of the 60's. Smart hometown principles and respect represent a humble great guy that will proudly serve We the People! No I am not kin, but I was in the stands in the 50's and 60's when he his brother Raymond played great football and and the late
    80's when as principal he put pride and spirit back into our al'ma ma'ter. Like a wave a mighty city!! Geaux Freddy!

  4. Anon 7:58
    I began running for the District 2 seat over a year ago and learned the the jury had been working on a central sewage system for 7 (seven) years and that there are 22 sewer systems in Bossier Parish that are in violation of EPA standards. As a citizen, I had not heard of that issue. If that is the truth, the jury needs to quit talking about it and get it done.
    I have looked at the Police Jury budget many times, and I admit I don't have a degree in accounting, but I can't find expenditures for Mr. Spohn or CIC. I also believe the money spent on CIC could have gone a long way to solving the water and sewer issues. I hope that explains the portion of the interview the press printed.

  5. Mark - it does. I truly appreciate your coming on and replying. If you're elected I wish you the best towards helping the parish.

  6. Thank you for reading my response. I promise I will work hard for the people in District 2, and for all of Bossier Parish.

  7. I agree we don't need someone who will spend our tax dollars on Mardi Gras parties in WASHINGTON DC
    And to have property sold at a Sheriffs sale and a Lumber Company place a Lien against his company for failure to pay. We need someone in office to handle Bossier Parish affairs responsibly!

  8. I have said it several times, and I still stand with my promise that I will not attend the Washington, D.C. Mardi Gras party. I believe it is wasteful spending, and I will not vote to approve spending for anyone else to attend.


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