Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Update on Thompson lawsuit

Jeff Thompson told Channel 3 today that he never established an attorney/client privilege with Duke Lowrie.
He didn't mention the lying flyer.
I promised to put up copies of the documents filed in the Lowrie-Thompson lawsuit yesterday. Forward Now has posted the entire lawsuit and the exhibits here.
Rex at Conservative Drink has his take on the lawsuit.
Meanwhile, And So it Goes in Shreveport has endorsed Barrow Peacock for the District 37 Senate seat.


  1. ASIGIS doesn't surprise really. A Shreveporter through and through would of course endorse another Shreveporter. I, on the other hand, from Bossier have seen some great things from Jane Smith at the school level and in the House. The MOST powerful legislator from North Louisiana is from our very own Bossier! Electing her back would be good for our area - especially in a state that tends to take from the North and give to the South.

    Please don't misread this - I think Barrow would be a good guy down there and if he happens to win, I'd still support him. And I also don't begrudge ASIGIS endorsing him - if I were a Shreveporter true-blue - I'd probably go more with the guy I knew. However - he has campaign promises on a web site - it's not the same as having a proven legislation record where tough decisions had to be made. Sure - my website would say I'm anti-tax and pro-values, etc etc., too.

    It's good to know that ASIGIS has moved back to political blogging - I'd stopped reading when it became an antiquing blog (sorry Pat...)

  2. Jane ran deficit at school board. Deficit spending in house of rep is running rampant. 38% voting record a few years ago with Louisiana family forum.
    Tearing into peacock who is a Christian accountant/ auditor.

    If barrow wants to win he would have to shut down his business, leave his wife, get a teaching degree, get promoted to principal, then superintendent, run deficits, and give his political friends special access through red tape.

  3. I have already voted and I voted for Barrow. I like his ideas, and I like the idea of a fresh face. Smith has played the political system long enough in Bossier. She is all about her and not the people.

  4. Clint,

    I'm from Bossier and I'm voting against Jane Smith for the following reasons:

    I don't know where she stands on the Stelly Bill. At first she voted for it, then she voted against it.

    She's voted for lifetime benefits for legislators who served 10 years or more. (Sounds like a career politician after a career as a public servant.)

    HB: 80 in 2005 she voted to extend the terms for legislators (Sounds like a career politician after a career as a public servant.)

    She's voted for tax increases at least 30 times. (Fiscal Conservative, huh?)

    What has the following reasons to do with geography?

    It's just time for her to go to the house.

  5. Barrow would be just great! Smith gets undue credit for the success of the school system in Bossier, please read her record, she is just awful and has done more harm than good! Please you owe it to Bossier to check her record, 8:32 listed just a few. Barrow will do us proud and work hard for our district and of course Louisiana.

  6. I knew Jane Smith's record was bad, but after read what SIGIS had posted from the TEA Party about Jane's record, it's horrendous. How in hell can Jane claim to be a conservative with a record like that?

  7. Calm before the storm! Shhhhhh, Be vewwy, vewwy quiet...I'm hunting powwaticians!

  8. If we vote for Jane, then we get exactly what we deserve. Best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. Funny note, bossier rino's say record is not important when it comes to Jane, but when talking about Obama--record becomes important.

  9. For years Jane Smith has had the powers that be in Bossier blow smoke up her skirt and she likes it. Several years ago she was given military general stars was given the name "General Jane," and she ate it up and even referred to herself as General Jane. I think that's a bit egotistical and a total insult to people who actually served in the military.
    She isn't a conservative, look at her reckless spending as superintendent. It's a wonder the Bossier Parish School Board isn't in worse financial shape than it is now. Her voting record as a legislator, if people would actually look at it, will show that Jane isn't a conservative and no amount of bashing those who are not voting for her will change that fact. IT'S PUBLIC RECORD BOYS AND GIRLS. Calling yourself a conservative doesn't mean you are one.
    Another thing that concerns me is how the the Bossier Establishment is pushing for Jane Smith. That in itself should be suspect.
    Jan will probably win, and Anon @ 8:59 is right except for one thing. I didn't deserve it, because I won't vote for her. PERIOD!

  10. "Another thing that concerns me is how the the Bossier Establishment is pushing for Jane Smith. That in itself should be suspect."

    ..what does this even mean??

  11. The bossier establishment goes along with her because they too started the reckless spending. Money and power. They are all in it together now.

  12. Anon @ 12:55, you know damn good and well what that means, because more than likely you're part of the Bossier Establishment. Guess what? This morning I was in a Shreveport restaurant and there were three people behind me talking about how corrupt Bossier (Parish and City) has become in the past several years. And that's not the only time I have overheard such conversations. People are catching on, and it will soon become time to run the rats out of the barn. I for one would love to see the whole bunch doing the perp walk.

  13. Jane Smith referred to herself as "General?" Really? Geez!

  14. Anon @1037 - I don't know 'damn good' what that means still even after folks 'explained' it. I'm a bossier resident and admit only that I honestly love my city. Sure there's some bad apples - but there's worse ones running for their jobs!!! I laugh that you say I'm part of it though - I'm just a 30 year old fella that's lived here over 20 years of my life (4 years in Ruston @ LaTech and 6 years in Shreveport getting further education an then training). When I was in Shreveport I learned about corruption - city council is just the tip of the iceberg, caddo school board moreso. . So - again - I know we have bad apples - but if ours are bad I'll take it to stay away from the spoiled ones.

  15. Anon @ 10:06, If you're willing to stick with the Rats we have now, like I said, "You're part of the Bossier Establishment." There are people on this blog who sees and saw the dirty s*** that's been going on in Bossier and are trying deparately to sound the alarm. One day all the cheese will be gone, and people like you will be scratching your head wondering what the hell happened, I hope you will have enough integrity realize it was the rats you've been supporting all this time. But, I doubt it.


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