Saturday, October 22, 2011

Squeaker in City Council Race

District 5 City Council Special Election
Larry Hanisee 1167 (50.09%)
Tommy Harvey 1163 (49.91%)

This one will go to a recount.


  1. Recounts in electronic machines don't change very often

  2. It just shows how important it is for EVERYONE to vote.

  3. This was a very clean race. In fact I was at the last city council meeting and both men were present and sitting near one another. This just goes to show that either one of these men would have been the right choice.

  4. I was at a meeting where Tommy Harvey spoke, and he said Larry Hanisee was a long-time friend and wouldn't go negative against him.

  5. Jimmy Hall got another pal elected to city council. Hanisee and Hall have been close friends for many years!


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