Friday, October 21, 2011

The day before: wrap up on the election

Tomorrow is election day, and at this point everyone pretty well knows who they are voting for.
I haven't covered any statewide races, but the race for Lt. Governor between Jay Dardenne and Billy Nungesser has gotten pretty hot.
Secretary of State Tom Schedler is challenged by Jim Tucker. Bobby Jindal will be re-elected as governor.
The major races for Bossier residents are for Sheriff, Assessor, State Representative District 8 and Senate District 37.  Here are the candidates, with links to information they sent My Bossier about their candidacies.
Mike McConnell
Julian Whittington
Bobby Edmiston
Ryal Siem, Sr.
State Representative District 8
Duke Lowrie
Jeff Thompson
State Senate District 37
Barrow Peacock
Jane Smith

I'm not listing all of the candidates for Police Jury.
Links to the candidates who sent us information.
District 1:
Troy Ogletree
District 2:
Mark Toloso
District 3:
Martha Peace Reyenga
Lucy Cooper

These are my endorsements:
Julian Whittington for Sheriff
Bobby Edmiston for Assessor
Duke Lowrie for State Representative

Below are other blog posts about the candidates and the election.
Mike McConnell: Why I’m running for Sheriff
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Candidate Profile: Mark Toloso
Duke Lowrie receives major endorsements from Business, Oil & Gas Groups
Lowrie sues Thompson for defamation, breach of Attorney-Client privilege
Lowrie Thompson race heats up
A friend’s perspective on Duke Lowrie

Videos that have been sent to My Bossier by the Candidates.


  1. Next time the candidates should advertise - do some radio and TV and maybe mail out a bunch of stuff. Heck, they could even call you several times a day. Then we would know there was an election.

  2. Nyuk. Yessiree...I'm iz glad to have the opportunity to cast my ballot. And, even mo' glad that I won't have to again for a while.


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