Monday, October 24, 2011

A look at the Police Jury

Three incumbent Bossier Parish Police Jurors were defeated in Saturday’s primary election. Winfred Johnston, Barry Butler and Brad Cummings will not return to the jury. Incumbent Wanda Bennett is facing a runoff with Lucy Cooper.
Here is a rundown.
District 1
Incumbent Hank Meachum did not seek re-election. This one resulted in a runoff between Brotherton and Small.
District 2
Glenn Benton won re-election over challenger Mark Toloso.
District 3
Incumbent Wanda Bennett is facing a runoff against challenger Lucy Cooper.
District 4
Incumbent Winfred Johnston got only 12% of the vote. This one will be a runoff between Jerry Carter and Sonny Cook.
District 5
Jack ‘Bump’ Skaggs defeated incumbent Barry Butler.
District 6
Incumbent Rick Avery had no opposition.
District 7
Jimmy Cochran was unopposed.
District 8
Doug Rimmer defeated incumbent Brad Cummings.
District 9
Freddie Shewmake took 72% in a resounding win against Gary Binyon. Incumbent Juror and Parish Administrator Bill Altimus did not seek re-election.
District 10
Jerome Darby had no opposition.
District 11
Wayne Hammack was unopposed.
District 12
Paul Plummer was also unopposed.

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  1. Hard to believe it - but it looks like the Shreveport Times endorsements carried the day for two challengers - the Bennett Race is all about party - Cooper is the only repub in the race and the area is around the Lake - doesnt take much to choose that outcome


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