Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bossier City Police Chief to retire

Bossier City Police Chief Mike Halphen has announced that he will retire in February. He said that he will start a consulting business and did not rule out running for public office.


  1. I hear Chief Halphen is going to run for Sheriff - wow - that will be great. Finally get a law man in the office to help support Chief Rittenberry and Detective Myrick and the other law men that help keep that department functioning. Time for Dean to go - he has grown way beyond the excesses of Vol Dooley - time to retire Sheriff - you have had a good run - but the new blood needs to do like Sheriff Prator and come in and create a real department

  2. That's an interesting thought.

  3. What a great choice, a drunk or an adulterer who married a faith healer.

  4. what a great comparison - the adulterer who married a faith healer - that faith healer gets a lot of contributions that are drawn tax free - wonder who is giving contributions to the church - i am sure it is no body that regularly does business with the sheriff's office - no insurance agents, engineers, builders, attorneys or pay phone suppliers - i am sure they would never make contributions to the church since that would be prohibited by the louisiana code of ethics - and submit both the sheriff and those suppliers of goods to the sheriff to possible criminal sanctions - this coming election will be very interesting

  5. If that is what is shaping up, it will indeed be interesting. And where is the DA in all this? I've been hearing for several months that he was going to back someone against Deen.

  6. if you look up deen's political contributions, he has a huge arsenal behind him-halphen will need a lot of heavy hitters-wont be easy. marvin has his own race to worry about, if he fights deen and deen wins he may be in trouble himself. (assuming he is not already)


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