Thursday, September 10, 2009

Plain Dealing HS Principal gets felon convicted of stealing from school board to announce football game

On the Friday night before he was sentenced to 7.3 years in Federal Prison for stealing from the Bossier Parish School Board, Randy Johnston was asked by Plain Dealing High School Principal Aubrey Sayes to announce a football game.
Sayes says that in retrospect, it was a bad decision.
No, it was a bad decision at the time it was made, not after someone blew the whistle.
"In retrospect, I wouldn't have done it if I thought it would cause a problem," Sayes said.
In other words, he only regrets it because someone told on him.
School Superintendent D C Machen (who was assistant superintendent for administration during the period that Johnston committed his dastardly deeds), immediately sprang into action.
He told Sayes 'not to do it again'.
Not to worry, Johnston will be in prison for the next seven years so the opportunities to repeat will be scarce.
Johnston was one of three former school system employees and two businessmen sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty to involvement in a $1.2 million fraud involving air-conditioning projects at parish schools. Johnston demanded and got kickbacks from the owners of Air Repair, which in turn was tipped off about the low bid so they could beat it, federal prosecutors said. Air Repair, which got millions of dollars in air-conditioning work on parish schools, overcharged for work that was done, billed for work on rooms that didn't exist and replaced air-conditioning units that were working properly.


  1. Is anyone surprised?

  2. The good old boy system is stronger than ever.

  3. Well, who didn't know he had a relative in the system? Does the first person in a family that gets hired by the BPSB receive hiring certificates for all their family members?


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