Saturday, September 19, 2009

Man who cursed deputy has little cause to worry

Bossier Parish Deputy Erik Wikstom caught a few choice words from Eddie Logan of - you guessed it - Haughton, when he went to return Logan's drivers license. Logan had driven off without the license when Wikstrom gave him a ticket earlier.
When Wikstrom got out of his car to return the license, Logan began cursing him, and then threw the license into the street.
Logan was booked for disturbing the peace.
I wouldn't expect anything to come of this, it will probably be nol-prossed as were Logan's earlier charges of careless operation, possession of drug paraphenalia & illegal use of CDS in presence of minors. On a charge of possession of marijuana, he was allowed to plead to possession of drug paraphenalia and fined $250.
Considering that Schuyler Marvin dropped 3 felony battery charges against someone who committed physical violence against a police officer in favor of a $500 misdemeanor fine, cussing out an officer will probably not recieve any attention at all.


  1. Keep publishing those pinup pictures. The public need's this type of information. It happens down here in Cenla and in a lot of other places and little if any attention is paid to it.

  2. cursing an officer is protected by the first amendment. in theory.

  3. Wheeler, you're right. Disturbing the peace is a catch-all, which in this case included pissing off a deputy. I guess if your're sitting outside the trailer chillin' you just can't stand to see that sucker walking up in your yard.

  4. I agree Jim . What should Marvin do to this guy, give him 10 years in prison? I didn't think Marvin dishes out sentences the judge does that. Get off his back. You obviously have some personal problem with him

  5. If nothing else is accomplished by having the courage to call a spade a spade, perhaps those who need to keep on their toes will do so...that benefits all of us!!!....thanks Jim.

  6. Anon Sunday at 4:41: Not a personal problem with Marvin at all; just object to him not backing up our police officers.

  7. legally impossible to disturb the peace of a police man- just saying

  8. "legally impossible to disturb the peace of a police man- just saying"

    Yea, Southern Law grads have a tough time with that one. But ask any knowledgeable attorney that didn't have to take the bar exam three or four times and he'll tell you that its not.

  9. marvin took two ass whoopins this week in two criminal jury verdict was 11-1, the other 12-0, ruled in favor of the defendants. It looks like Marvin has some real geniuses working for him down at his office.
    as far as not backing police, remember marvin is really a democrat, he just changed his party after the election.


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