Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dumbass Award: Idiot with red flasher pulls over Shreveport Mayor

I hestitate to use the term dumbass to describe anyone. The last time I used it was when this guy sold dope to a cop. A fully uniformed cop who was on a loud music call at the dumbasses' place. Now another deserving candidate for the title comes along.
Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover was on his way to a forum at a school on 70th Street when he saw a red light flashing in his rearview mirror. Glover pulled over for the Monte Carlo, but when the driver realized that his 'detainee' was the mayor, he decided to take off.
Now the pursuer became the pursued. The mayor followed the car through a couple of neighborhoods and into Highland, meanwhile calling the 'real' police.
When the car finally stopped at a residence on Jordan Street, police - the real ones - arrested him.
The man identified himself as a volunteer firefighter in Red River Parish.


  1. I don't know; I think dumbass is a perfectly fine term, but then, I work in education. I was once told that calling someone in a high school a smartass was not really encouraged, but from what I have seen the same people have no problem with calling people dumbasses. I think the dumbass award should become a permanent thing, like a lower level Darwin award.

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