Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Former Bossier School employees headed for the Big House

Winfred Johnston & William Rodes, former Bossier Parish School Board employees were sentenced to 7 years and 3 months each this afternoon in U. S. District Court. Mark Rowe got 5 years probation. He cooperated with authorities. Garrett Gene Wilson and Allen Victor Lee, former owners of Ark-La-Tex Air Repair were also sentenced, Lee to 10 years in prison followed by 3 years probation.
The five were convicted for stealing up to $1,000,000 from the school board in several scams. They were ordered to pay restitution.

D. C. Machen, who was assistant superintendent in charge of administration during the period, has since been named superintendent by the School Board.


  1. Your an idiot. Machen wasn't responsible for what they did.

  2. I think we should appoint Senator Robert Adley to run the school system - i think he would have ferreted out all the crooks and made sure it ran perfectly - what do you think Jim - he is a perfect example of perfect performance as a government official - dont you think - i wonder when he will call the legislative auditor and have another investigation - wonder why he had not called them on cotton valley or perhaps the city of shreveport - adley for king 2010

  3. Wow, am I seeing a pattern in the comments? Is someone unhappy with Adley?

  4. To: Anon 8:28 - You are the idiot because everybody with a brain knows that Machen was DIRECTLY responsible for the theft and was even warned that there were problems. You need to wise up

  5. Machen was no more responsible than Glover for people underneath their supervision stealing. Every person that finds out his or her spouse is cheating cant believe it happened right under their noses - when you trust people and they lie and steal - you are not going to catch it. The buck does stop with them, and they have a duty to put in measure to stop it from happening again - but that does not make them crooks. Bad things happen under good people's watch - those with a political axe to grind and an opportunistic political agenda are the real bile in our community - just a bunch of half-wit uninformed losers looking to tear others down because they can not accomplish anything in their own sorry lives.

  6. Machen received e-mails & visits from the finance dept that maintenance was going around them to get invoices paid. Don't bring some BS claims in here and expect it to go unchecked. You obviously don't have a clue as to what you are spewing.


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