Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shreveport City Marshal pays fine for doing 111 in a 60

Shreveport City Marshal Charlie Caldwell paid $153 + court costs for the speeding ticket he received in July.
The Marshal asked for no special treatment and was offered none.
I expressed my views at the time and won't beat a dead horse. I do have to admit that his statement to the officer that he was speeding because he was lost was a bit bizarre. He was on I-20 westbound looking at the Shreveport skyline. Lost?
There are some interesting comments on the original KTBS article that you might want to read.


  1. The dashcam videos are really damaging, but show the portrait of the Charlie Caldwell many of us have come to know and have zero respect for. From his dropping the f-bomb every few sentences to his lovely story on how he was sleeping with a girl he picked up at a bar before he was stopped. The only thing "lost" about Caldwell is that he actually uses his elected position as a city official to parade around town acting like the Mack Daddy Pimp, wearing sunglasses in Superior Bar and Grill, gold chains around his neck and hitting on young girls. Can't believe ANYONE voted for this buffoon, except that they apparently were unaware of his "true" self. He's a disgrace to the city, and be fully aware that we will be privy to many more "performances" like this one because Caldwell thinks he is above the law.

    Gotta love Shreveport! When the criminals are in charge, you really feel safe!

  2. My personal favorite:

    Yep, there he is in all of his glory with his cowboy hat and sunglasses on. Surely this picture was taken in front of Fats on Marshall Street, his favorite dive. This, people, is your elected city official!

  3. Really Anon, he was bragging about picking up a girl? I thought he was married.

  4. He said he was at some girl's house in Haughton, and he woked up "spontaneously" and saw daylight and was like f-that I gotta roll.

    Caldwell is always with "some girl." That's his M.O.

  5. $153? And the ticket I got for expired inspection sticker cost me $165. I guess I was more dangerous than him. But I deserved it and paid it without all the extra colorful language.


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