Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Haughton man defrauds bank by forging checks on sick grandmother's account

A 27 year old Haughton man is in Bossier Max for forging six checks on his sick grandmother’s account.
Phillp Hoffman’s bond is set at $30,000.
The grandmother is in a facility in Shreveport with a debilitating illness, and hasn’t been able to write her name in over a year. Hoffman’s mother has power of attorney and takes care of the grandmother’s account.
When she notice checks missing from the checkbook, she contacted Barksdale Federal Credit Union and put a stop payment on them.
The checks were all located and the inked fingerprint on the checks was matched to Phillip Hoffman. The aggregate loss to Barksdale Federal Credit Union is $3,941.18.
The Times

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