Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Princeton man says he bit himself on cheek

A Princeton woman is in Bossier Max, charged with biting (what the Times calls) her common-law husband.
Officials say that the man called the sheriff’s office after Elizabeth Mull bit him.
When deputies got there, he said the injury was self-inflicted.
After questioning, Mull admitted to the bite, then changed her story and said that she didn’t do anything to him.
Judge Ford Stinson granted Mull an 18 month protective order against the man, James Leggett, on July 29th.
Leggett is also due in court on October 14th on a criminal misdemeanor charges of possession of marijuana & paraphenalia, as well as domestic abuse battery for attacking Leggett in March.
In addition, Leggett was arrested on the 21st of September for DWI 2nd offense.
Mull was charged in 2003 with domestic abuse battery against another man, probably her ex-common law husband. Those charges were dropped.


  1. Do you ever wonder how many DUI's get dropped and when they say "DUI 2nd Offense," it's actually DUI
    12th Offense?

  2. Too many. The legislature should address that. We need to seek MADD on them.

  3. Did anyone ever bite you on the cheek Jim?

  4. Only in a good way, anon, and not on the face.

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