Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bossier’s Plan for Growth: Give them a Wal-Mart and a good school, and they will come

Public officials say the darndest things. This blog post isn't about the subject of growth; Bossier is growing in part because of, and in part despite, our public officials.
When I read this article in the Press Tribune it just made me wonder about some of our public officials' thought processes. (Remember, these are the same guys who told us that Cyber Command was a 'done deal' and proceeded to build a $100,000,000 white elephant CIC.)
In discussing growth, parish engineer Butch Ford said “No matter what race you are, when you are looking at your kids, you are going to go where the best schools are."
I don't know how race got into it. Perhaps that's an invitation to some of the Lower Socioeconomic people to consider a move to Bossier.
Sure, we have our share of colorful people, folks like the Cucumber Guy and the Poop Girl, but overall we are a solid, conservative bunch.
The article is correct, with the new Global Strike Command at Barksdale, we will see an influx of people in the next year or so. Hopefully, they will come to love Bossier as much as we do.
As Ford said, "Give them a Wal-Mart and a good school, and they will come."

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  1. What he should have said is "give them good schools, a wal-mart and senator robert adley - and they will all come" - that is heavenly bliss


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