Friday, September 11, 2009

Maggie Lee Henson: Maggie Lee for Good

Maggie Lee For Good

Maggie Lee For Good began as a facebook group when Kelly Alamon posted the idea on Maggie Lee's Caringbridge website. She thought it would be great to have 1300 people commit to a good deed. Within 24 hours, the group had increased to 1500 people and the goal of 13,000 members was suggested.

Maggie Lee For Good is well on its way to reaching that goal. Thank you for your interest and for joining us in remembering this amazing young lady whose tragic death reminds us all that life is precious and kindness matters.

The name Maggie Lee For Good comes from her favorite Broadway play, Wicked, whose song, "I Have Been Changed For Good," was sung at Maggie Lee's Celebration of Life Service on August 6th at FBC, Shreveport.

Maggie Lee was the kind of young lady who creatively loved people. Whether it was asking her mom to pull over and buy a hamburger for a homeless person or sticking up for a friend, she made the world a better place with her presence.

Our hope is that whether you bake cookies for a lonely neighbor, donate your time at a homeless shelter or food kitchen or just take the time to listen to your kids as you drive them home from school, that October the 29th will be a significant day for you.

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  1. You got lots more information here than when I posted this. But I just don't have time to do this justice. Good Job. Now to decide what good deed to do. But let's not make it just on that day. Let's make it everyday.


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