Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dora the Explorer's dope?

'Hey, that ain't my backpack. That belongs to Dora the Explorer'.
Or maybe not.
Harvell Ray Jones dropped the backpack, jumped the fence and ran when Tri-Parish Drug Task Force agents and DeSoto sheriff’s deputies closed in on him.
The bag contained 2½ pounds of marijuana, crack cocaine and lortabs.
And Jones' Louisiana ID card.
Reginald Johnson was arrested on the scene for possession of a quarter bag of pot, undoubtedly just purchased from Jones.


  1. You know, one of the ways people shoplift is by bringing their kid in a store with a "backpack" and things magically get into the backpack without the person's knowledge. Because of course your 8 year old wants to steal Victoria's Secret panties or the latest Ralph Lauren cologne. Or maybe it's just Dora doing the stealing.

  2. Ha, I never thought of that. Makes sense though. Hey, you don't even do criminal law, how do you know this stuff??

  3. Ha! Well, you know, I was 3rd in my class in top grades in criminal law clases. :)

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