Monday, July 5, 2010

2010 Election: Lt. Governor

Qualifying will begin Wednesday of this week and run through Friday for the 2010 elections. Once all the dust has settled and we see who all will be running for Bossier Parish School Board, we will get in-depth into that election.
I will keep a close eye on the Shreveport City elections.
The race for U. S. Senate, whether I like it or not, is going to be a walk-through for David Vitter. Charlie Melancon is running, at best, a lackluster campaign.
Even if Vitter should be caught in the meantime with yet another whore, it won’t phase the voters of Louisiana. Character has never mattered much down here, and I don’t pretend that it will begin to anytime soon.
Character only matters when someone of another party is displaying a lack of it.
The Lt. Governor’s race might get interesting. The highest profile person, and supposedly the favorite, is Secretary of State Jay Dardenne. His website has only a place to sign up for his newsletters and a place to donate. It has no section for issues.
Roger Villere, a businessman who has served as Chairman of the state Republican Party has also announced.
Kevin Davis, the St. Tammany Parish President has a website up also.
I like Sammy Kershaw mainly because he is not a politician, but an entertainer. Since most of our politicians provide most of our entertainment, he is a natural fit. I predict that he may gain some momentum and surprise a lot of people.
As to State Treasurer John Kennedy and Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell, I don’t think they will attempt a move. If Kennedy should run and be defeated yet again, he would probably be washed up in Louisiana politics. As for Foster Campbell, I don’t think he will run, but I would never be so bold as to predict what he will actually end up doing.
I will update later in the week as candidates qualify.


  1. As for the U.S. Senate race, I think Melancon is toast either way he goes, and he knows it. He has strongly allied himself with the Obama-Pelosi Regime and that has ruined his chances for re-election as a U.S. Representative. So, he'll lose the Senate race but will be rewarded for being a good Democrat lapdog with some type of position in Washington, D.C. (Ever notice that even when these politicians are defeated they never really go away.)

    And for the Lt. Governor's race, right now I haven't decided on who I would support, but I do know of one I wouldn't and that good old Foster "Foghorn Leghorn" Campbell. We need to get totally away from anyone who against the gas and oil industry (unless they are drilling on his property), a populist, and is one heartbeat away from the governor's office.

  2. G.R., and you are right, Jim. Melancon is even a worse Senatorial Candidate than John Kennedy was.

    I really can't even figure out why the guy is wasting his time...unless G.R. is right, and he's ready to quit on Congress period, and take some cushy Fed job.

    Lt. Governor...Is Kershaw running again? I'd vote for the guy. Seriously, I would. Without an incumbent he might have a shot. I don't think Foster's going to run. I thought at one time that he might. But, I could be wrong. In that case, I would hope that Kathleen Blanco, or Barbara Norton announce to run against him.

    Either one would be preferable.

  3. Andy, I'm seriously thinking about Kershaw. I really do like the fact that he's a non-politician.
    G. R. is probably right, Melancon will end up as an ass't secretary of something.

  4. Jim, I was serious. I guess I haven't kept up lately, but I did not honestly know whether Sammy had declared that he was running.

    Heck yeah, I'd certainly consider voting for the guy. That job being what it is, I'll bet he'd do a fine job at it. Seriously.

  5. There's a good editorial in this morning's Shreveport Slimes in which the illustrious Foster Campbell is the main topic. I can't vouch for the validity of the editorial, but is sounds about right.


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