Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bossier School Board race promises some fireworks

The Bossier Parish School Board has had a tumultuous time for the last couple of years.
Scandal rocked the school system when it was discovered that a local company, Ark-La-Tex Air Repair, had a scheme going to kickback to several employees for work not done and systems not installed.
People convicted of crimes were allowed to work in schools for some contractors. Their backgrounds were not checked.
Eventually, four people found their way to federal prison. Superintendent Ken Kruithoff chose this time to retire. The board refused to mount an extensive search for a replacement, and appointed D. C. Machen, the assistant superintendent who had been in charge of administration during the time of the almost $1,000,000 theft, to be the new head of the system.
A lot of people claimed to be unhappy with the failure of the board to demand accountability for the administrative and supervisory failures that took place during this sad episode.
We will find out how unhappy they were during this election cycle. The subject will come up in some of these races, and will create more interest than usual in a school board race.
This is the mix as of now. I have tried to keep up with the filings in the clerk’s office. If I have missed a candidate, please let me know and I will correct it.
Incumbents Brad Bockhaus (District 2), Mike Mosura (District 5), J. W. Slack (District 7) and Kenneth Wiggins (District 8) are all unopposed.
District 1: incumbent Jack Raley is being challenged by Mike Dooley.
District 3: Morgan Johnson is going against Allison Brigham, the current board member.
District 4: Jo Jo Hamiter is challenging incumbent Tammy Smith.
District 6: In the race for the seat being vacated by William Kostelka, Alan English, Rick Ganey & Glenwood Bullard have all filed.
District 9: Eddy Presley, the incumbent, is being challenged by Edward Jackson.
District 10: Sandra Darby and Lonzo Sheffield III to replace Julian Darby.
District 11: Another challenge to the incumbent, Lindell Webb, by Barbara Rudd.
District 12: Incumbent Mack Knotts is being challenged by Mike Tucker, Kay Padgett Byrd & Mike Tucker. Will Knotts back off his re-election bid and leave it to the others? There may be some fireworks in this one.
We will look at more races, including the Shreveport City elections, as well as the race for Lt. Governor and for U. S. Senate (some interesting developments there!).
If you are a candidate for any office and want to get your message out, email me with a few paragraphs about why you believe you should be elected and we will publish it. Send it to

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