Monday, July 12, 2010

Candidate Forum: Anthony Gentile, U. S. Senate

Fellow Louisianans, Are you fed up with today’s politics? Do you feel it is futile no matter what you do? The same people get back into office over and over again and nothing changes. We have something in common.
There is a need for governmental reform. I say that in reference to the people driving the system. It’s in the wrong hands. The people driving the system are the problem. The premise of “of the people, by the people, and for the people” went out the window some years ago. That window needs shut and locked.
This November’s Senatorial Election features a Republican and Democrat. Both well financed and will spend a lot of money to get your vote. This money in many cases has come from special interest groups, lobbyists, and ordinary people. Who do you think will take precedent when it comes to voting? The lobbyist that gave $2400 or the family man who could only afford $10, I think it’s easy to speculate.
I am going to be in the fall election, I am running as a Libertarian. I am conservative, want less taxes, a smaller government, and for the government to operate under the framework of the Constitution. Those are just a few planks of my platform. First and foremost I believe elected officials are accountable to the citizens that elected them. The average politician from my perspective has forgotten that or may never even understood who the boss is.
I am a Christian and proud of it. I believe Jesus Christ is my savior. This is my driving force. I may be able to fool you but I can’t fool Him and don’t even want to try. Therefore I will be forthright with you. I don’t want to go to DC to be one of the boys, I want to go and work for you the people of Louisiana. Please check out my website.
Anthony Gentile
Libertarian Candidate for US Senator Louisiana
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  1. I am leaving my name anonymous because the state GOP may come after me for posting this. I am a Republican who will be switching his vote from Vitter to this guy, Anthony Gentile. Gentile says he is a Christian and I believe it. Vitter, after all his problems, needs to stay home and work with his family.

  2. I'm going with anonymous here too because I have a problem with the campaign use of Christianity.

    Believe me, dude... if you are a Christian, it will show in your actions. Any attempt to prove it to me with campaign statements simply make me suspicious.


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