Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bossier School Board race taking shape

Above: Bossier Parish Clerk of Court Cindy Johnston offers assistance.
Qualifying is going on through Friday for the fall elections. In the race for Bossier Parish School Board, as of right now two incumbents are being challenged, Tammy Smith in District 4 is being challenged by Nancy "Jo Jo" Hamiter and in District 11, Lindell Webb is challenged by Barbara Rudd.
We'll publish more tomorrow, as well as updating the Shreveport races.
Qualifying so far:
District 1: Jack Raley
District 2: Brad Bockhaus
District 3: Allison Brigham
District 4: Nancy Hamiter, Tammy Smith
District 6: Alan English
District 7: J.W. Slack
District 8: Kenneth Wiggins
District 11: Barbara Rudd, Lindell Webb
District 12: Mack Knotts

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  1. "truth detector" is running for school board - wow - this is going to make for great press - a guy with his most recent past - cant even imagine him running for head of household much less asking the community to give him the trust to control the public's money - I guess the Horshoe will be excited - 50 on black -


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